European Vacation – September 13/19 – Dublin (Part 10) – Riverdance in Gaiety Theatre

When we planned to meet our friends R & J in Dublin, they wondered if we would be interested in going to the latest production of Riverdance. Heck yeah, we would. Dinner complete, we walked to the Gaiety Theatre, tickets in hand, eagerly anticipating the show. All of us had seen the show before, R & J a few years back in Dublin and we had seen the touring production when it came to Edmonton around 1996.

Riverdance began as a 7 minute interval act in the 1994 Eurovision song contest. We would be seeing the 25th anniversary production which had been playing to rave reviews at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.


The Gaiety Theatre on South King Street in Dublin opened to audiences on November 27, 1871. It was designed by architect, Charles J. Phipps and expanded by architect, Frank Matcham in 1883. Despite the changes, it retains several Victorian era features and is the longest established, continuous producing theatre in Dublin. It seats 1,145 on three levels.


We had scoped the exterior out during our exploration on the previous day and eagerly awaited a chance to see the interior.

Here are the exterior photos.

Here are the interior shots, including one showing us eagerly awaiting the show.

We did not have long to wait. As the tour was nearing the end of its run here, the theatre was about three quarters full. Given that we were seated in the upper circle of this theatre, those in the front row of the circle tended to lean forward for a better view, thus partially obscuring our view. The row behind them leaned forward and we leaned forward and so on and so on.

Nonetheless, when the familiar tune started up, we had goosebumps. The venue was less than half the size of the venue we saw the 1996 show in, which made for a smaller cast and a more intimate performance. The music from the 4 live musicians was amped way up to create more excitement and had the unfortunate effect of drowning out the heel and toe taps we longed to hear in perfect unison. From time to time, the music ceased and we got the effect we wanted.

Always the planner, I had E-mailed the theatre in advance, to ask about their camera policy. I did not want to break any rules or have my camera confiscated. They advised that no photos or video of the actual production were allowed, but that I could shoot away during the curtain call. I happily obliged, clicking away.

The evening was all we could have hoped for and we left the theatre humming (not so) silently in time to the music. A taxi was quickly caught and before we knew it, we were back in our hotel bar, enjoying a nightcap. I chose Teelings, an Irish whiskey from a new distiller (founded in 2015). I was impressed with how smooth the whiskey was and will look for it in the future.

8 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 13/19 – Dublin (Part 10) – Riverdance in Gaiety Theatre

  1. Riverdance is such an amazing show. We’ve seen a fantastic performance many years ago in Gaiety Theatre and were completely taken away – there’s so much energy. Thanks for sharing, Allan and have a good weekend

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