Edmonton’s Frazil-ed Fall

Icy Art

North Saskatchewan

glides by, gently whispering

with frazil ice art.

North Saskatchewan River

Frazil Ice forms as the river starts to freeze

This duck can walk on water
This is what happens when you leave the hose running in October
Pumpkins for sale at the Little Brick Coffee Shop

Valley Line LRT construction

Berries and Birdies

Edmonton Murals

6 thoughts on “Edmonton’s Frazil-ed Fall

  1. I’ve never seen Frazil ice before. It looks very pretty from your pictures. I just read a wikipedia article about it to learn how it forms. It’s very interesting. I guess this means it’s time for the mittens and toques to come out.

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    1. We have been watching frazil ice for about 10 years now. We do not always get out for a walk on the right day, but managed it this year. As to toques and mittens, they have been out here for awhile already. Even when it was above 0, the wind made it seem colder. Maybe this is the year for a real winter. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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