European Vacation – September 14/19 – Dublin (Part 13) – St. Stephen’s Green – Dublin’s Front Yard

Until 1663, this area was a marshy common on the edge of Dublin, used for livestock grazing. In 1664, the park was enclosed with a wall and old houses around the park were replaced with new buildings.

The current park was designed by William Shepherd and reopened to the public in July, 1880. It is 22 acres of lawns, trees, paths and ponds and provides a good green space for Dubliners to relax outside.


The Saturday we walked through was beautiful and the populace was outside in force, enjoying the sunny day.

Dublin’s Front Yard

Green lawns spread under golden rays,

enticing all to walk a ways

on shady paths ‘neath tall green trees,

working all week, suddenly free,

children’s laughter lifts their spirits,

slowing down, they’ve time to hear it

and forget where their work week’s been,

relaxing in St. Stephen’s Green.

8 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 14/19 – Dublin (Part 13) – St. Stephen’s Green – Dublin’s Front Yard

  1. Fantastic photos and I absolutely loved your poem – poems with matching rhyming words are my favourite. Thanks for sharing and have a great start of the day, while we are already halfway through it yours is only starting. Aiva

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    1. Thanks Aiva. I have walked through St. Stephens Green a couple of times before, but on this sunny fall Saturday, it was as close to perfect as I have seen it. It is always nice to see residents outdoors enjoying the green spaces. Thanks for your comments on my poem. I tweaked it a few times, once I had my theme and was not sure if it was good enough yet. It is a cold clear morning here today -19, feels like -28C. Yikes. A good day to stay inside. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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