European Vacation – September 14/19 – Dublin (Part 14) – Lower Leeson Street – a-Door-able

Our first visit to Lower Leeson Street was in October 1977, when as newlyweds, we looked for #74, so we could visit with Uncle S and Aunt B, whom we had never met and only recently heard about from Cousin C in Carrickmacross. I recall us almost getting into a fight as we spun our tiny Austin Mini round and round in a giant circle, searching for our turn. The street signs were clear, but the Gaelic name came first and it seemed to take us forever to realize this and look lower on the street signs.

At long last, we made it and were warmly welcomed by Uncle S and Aunt B. They lived in a flat on the 4th floor and had a shared bathroom on the 2nd floor. We ate onion sandwiches and chatted about the family we had never known. As it got darker, Uncle S suggested we go to his local for a few pints. After 3 pints of Guinness in rapid succession, we said our goodbyes and I struggled my way back to the B & B, with cousin J leading the way in his Fiat. He seemed to be driving like a Bat out of H— or maybe it was only the Guinness.

S and B have now departed this earthly plane and while we had already been back once before in 2008, we opted to return once more, for old times sake. The flats are now upscale, all with private baths, with offices and shops on the main floor. What was once a building of working class flats is now a desirable place to live. How the times change in 42 years. Each entrance door is painted a bright colour and the whole place looks rather cheery.


Lower Leeson Street

colours shining for all to see.

Its a-Door-able

14 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 14/19 – Dublin (Part 14) – Lower Leeson Street – a-Door-able

    1. Thanks. In fact, we were the first Canadian family members to go back since my Father in law emigrated 28 years before. In a way, we reestablished the family connection, which was indeed a good thing. As the the old neighbourhood, as my son would say….gentrification. Turning a less desirable location into a more desirable location. Not sure where all the old inhabitants went. Likely, many of them are in their final resting place. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


  1. Lovely story and great photos, can’t believe you got that much sunshine and blue sky on your trip to Dublin! There are a few places we love revisiting for old times sake, be it here in Ireland, Edinburgh, where we lived for three years or in Latvia. Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend, Allan. Aiva

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments. As to the weather….I know, right? We were fully prepared to splash around Dublin in rain pants and jackets, but did not have to. It pays to be prepared. While they say that you can never go back, who are they and what do they know? Thanks for reading Aiva. Enjoy the rainy Irish weather. We had rain here all night, which is not a good thing when temps are near freezing. Roads could be skating rinks today. Glad I do not have to commute. Cheers. Allan

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  2. So charming. I grew up in apartments my whole life and vowed never again -mine were not unlike these flats in the past.- Minus the shared bath-but these ones would convince me otherwise.
    I love your family connection. It’s a dream of many to go back and revisit the original haunts of our ancestors.

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