European Vacation – September 15/19 – Dublin, Ireland to Pisa, Italy (Part 1) – Picking up the Pis-as

Rising up through the fuzzy haze of sleep, I could here this persistent sound ……….ring…ring ……..ring…ring ……..ring…ring. What was it? Consciousness partly restored, I realized it was the telephone, just as I heard a very loud Oh No! from my Patty. I clumsily picked up the handset, clearing my throat, before I managed to mumble Huhhhhlowwww. Good morning sir, your taxi is here. In my mind, I said Holy S—! In reality I said, “We just woke up. You are going to have to let him go. We will let you know when we are ready”.

Flash back to the night before.

  • On the way up to our room, we had asked the front desk to arrange a cab to pick us at 5:15 AM. We had a 7:40 AM flight to Pisa to catch and we were about 25 minutes away from the airport.
  • We said our good night to friends R & J at 8:30 PM, so we could get some much needed sleep. Yeah, right.
  • We headed to our room and made sure we were all packed up and ready to go.
  • Alarm set, we drifted off to sleep, fairly quickly.
  • Somewhere in the night, I had one of those panic dreams that we were late for a flight on our vacation. Hmmmmm. Fiction or reality.
  • We awoke to the phone ringing at 5:17 AM.
  • Holy S—!

Flash forward to after the phone call.

With a sudden surge of adrenaline, we jumped out f bed, totally focused on getting out the door and into a taxi. Pat phoned J & F, already driving to the airport and shouted out what the problem was. OMG, we slept in and we are late for our taxi and we will get there as soon as possible. F only heard Blah Blah Blah….late…..see you.

To her credit, my Patty was totally ready in 10 minutes. Now, I can see me being ready that fast, but Patty has, well, she has, hair. I do not. Loaded with all our luggage, we rushed to the lobby and asked the desk to call a cab. The concierge saw one outside and went to check if he was free. He was and we were soon loaded in and on our way to the airport. It was 5:30 AM (only 15 minutes late). Our driver assured us we would be at the airport before 6:00 AM and we were. The streets were empty. It was Sunday morning, after all. Big Tip.

We met J and F in the airport lobby, handed in our checked bags, cleared security and grabbed the breakfast deal (sandwich, chips and a water) from WH Smith.

By 7 AM, we were seated in the boarding lounge and the adrenaline rush was starting to fade. We had made the flight and my panic dream had not come true. Phewwww.

Plane boarded, carry-on stowed, we could finally relax. Ryanair is a pretty spartan airline, even though we had booked Economy Plus. No seat back entertainment, no free in-flight service. We have always joked that Ryanair charged for the use of the loo. I did not test the theory. At 11:15, we landed in Pisa, Italy and were met with heat and humidity. We were not in Ireland any more, Toto.

Ryanair in flight entertainment system
Now, we can smile
All aboard
On the shuttle bus to the airport. Ryanair does not typically pay for landing bridges.

We quickly cleared Immigration, gathered ourselves and found a taxi into Pisa.

4 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 15/19 – Dublin, Ireland to Pisa, Italy (Part 1) – Picking up the Pis-as

    1. Alarms were set right, day and time was right and sound was up full volume. We just finally hot the wall on our jet lag and got a good sleep….until the phone call. Cheers. Allan


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