European Vacation – September 15/19 – Pisa, Italy (Part 2) – Arco Antico Apartment in the Old Town

The ride into Pisa from the airport took no time at all. Our cabbie pointed out the highlights (train station, Arno River, shopping, etc), before dropping us at the…… wrong address. Sheepishly, our cabbie pointed back a few doors to where we should have been and we unloaded and hauled our bags back.

Now, full credit to our apartment host. Check-in was not supposed to be before 3 PM, but they accommodated our early 1 PM arrival by hiding the keys and providing E-mailed instructions on where to find them. Fortunately, our Tesco SIM card still worked and we were able to get the required instructions needed to gain access.

Our first hurdle was getting all our cases up the 73 steps to the apartment. Should have figured this, given the fact that we were in an old building in the Old town. Once upstairs, we took stock of our home for the next three nights. While a bit worn, it looked comfortable, well at least, if we could get the A/C working. It was hot up there on the 4th floor. Mission accomplished, we set off to find lunch.

Our cost for the 3 night stay at Arco Antico at #58 Via Domenica Calvaca was about 375 Euro or $573 CAD. Not bad for a full apartment for 4 people for 3 nights. Beds were soft, linens were clean and wi-fi worked well.

The following photos are from September 15/16/17/18.


The door from the street

The door from the stairs

The ancient timber ceiling

The exterior. We are on the 4th floor. Note: In Europe, the first floor is where the second floor would be in America, so we were actually on the 5th floor.

The views from the back window were interesting at all times of the day and included a partial view of the Leaning Tower.

If I concentrate real hard, I can just hear the morning and evening church bells ringing. Ahhhhh, Tuscanny.

6 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 15/19 – Pisa, Italy (Part 2) – Arco Antico Apartment in the Old Town

  1. I only saw 2 beds Allan – and one of them being a single. Did the couch convert into a bed ?? I’m going to enjoy your trip to Italy. You are the only way I’m going to get there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ann. There was a 3rd bedroom with 2 singles in it. I just did not take a photo of it. The couch did also convert. The place could have slept 7. Italy was a lot better in 2019 than it was on a bus tour in 1984. I think we may go back. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


    1. The pastel colours in the Mediterranean are a highlight. In some places in Italy (Cinque Terre) deeper colours are used with dramatic effect. There were windows on the apartment. Helps keep the A/C cool inside and the shutters help shade the windows from the strong summer sun. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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