European Vacation – September 15/19 – Pisa, Italy (Part 3) – Its Almost Past-a Lunchtime

The first order of business after getting our stuff settled into our apartment, was to head out and find food. This proved to be a simple task in old town Pisa. Heck, there were even restaurants right outside our building door.

In fact, restaurants sprawled across sidewalks and into public spaces, wherever possible in Pisa. We opted to walk for a bit, until we came to Piazza Dante Aleghieri, with its row of restaurants. We looked at a few and opted for Restoro Dantesco, largely because it had an awning cover to protect us from the sun and glory be, air conditioning (outside,yet!) to help us keep cool. Even then, we still felt quite warm (compared to Ireland).

We had been advised that English was not widely spoken in Pisa, but there were English descriptions on most of the menu items and our waitress was able to communicate clearly with us.

We all opted for a fresh pasta dish and supplemented it with a mixed salad. All washed down with a bottle of good Italian wine. Who could ask for anything more? Our morning alarm fiasco suddenly seemed so far behind us.

Sidewalk menu
Restaurant interior. Most seats were outside
Wine selections
Sidewalk view
View from our alfresco table
Spaghetti Pomodoro and Insalata Mista
J opted for the carbonara….the best version on this trip
F and I had the Ravioli…so delicious

We quickly learned that while we had eaten in Italian restaurants in other parts of the world, none served as fresh or as delicious Italian food as we found in Italy. This should not be a surprise. Everything was fresh, properly cooked and served and mostly locally sourced. Ciao Bella!

15 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 15/19 – Pisa, Italy (Part 3) – Its Almost Past-a Lunchtime

    1. Thanks. As to the title, I really have to watch myself when travelling to foreign countries as I often find myself speaking English in the phony accent from the area. This is accidental but can be dangerous, if they think you are mocking them. Thanks for reading. Allan

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    1. Hi Lynette. We hated our first visit in 1984. The people (Rome) were too rude and we were on a bus tour. It took us 35 years to go back. People in the small cities were friendly and gregarious, the food was great and we were not regimented by a tour group. What a difference. We will go back. Glad you are enjoying. I am reliving as I create my posts and there is no doubt, we had a fabulous time. Thanks for reading. Allan

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      1. I’ve heard that Romans can be difficult during high tourist season (can happen in Florence too). I’ve only been there in the off-season and it’s quite different at that time. I think the locals get really exhausted by all the tourists. (I have some idea of this as my home is in Penticton, and it just explodes during the summer; the locals can get a bit snappy.) It’s really unfortunate though that you didn’t enjoy your holiday. Travel is too expensive for that! My favourite part of Italy is Padua province – I’ve been a number of times at different times of the year; it’s not really a tourist hotspot.

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      2. My condolences for you, living in a tourist hot spot. I saw evidence of frustration from time to time of the locals in Cinque Terre. It is more than exhausting there during tourist season, I am sure. Thanks for your thoughts Lynette. Allan

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    1. You would not believe the taste and texture difference. All you have to do is look at the colour to realize this is egg pasta, not just wheat. And it was good everywhere. I am spoiled for Italian pasta from now on. Homemade pasta would be better than store bought and I am sue yours would be fine. Thanks for reading and commenting Angie. Allan

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    1. Homemade pizza in a pizza oven is great. We had some of this in NZ. The food is delightful in Italy and we found that if it cost $50 CAD at home, it would cost 50 Euro in Italy. So, yes, more expensive than home. We typically ate 2 meals a day, breakfast and late lunch. You can keep costs down by eating lunch instead of dinner. This also takes care of the fact that some restaurants do not start serving dinner before 7. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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