SNOWED ODE – November

One of my readers recently asked me to keep sharing posts on our lovely snowy cold winters here, so here is my first attempt. Over the past weekend, we received about 6″ of snow in our neck of the woods. The ground went from white to wet to white on Friday last, as the precipitation switched back and forth.

We ignored the white stuff on Friday night, but, my birthday present on Saturday morning was the gift of shoveling. My beloved was by my side, so we got a good workout and bonding time in one fell swoop.

With Apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Snow, How do I Shovel Thee

How do I shovel thee? Let me count the days.

I shovel thee from the sidewalks to the height

my shovel and shoulder can reach, day and night,

while my neighbour is away for a week’s stay,

even though they think this snow will melt away.

Deep down, I know this colourless winter blight

will linger around on frozen ground, so white

until April’s sun and winds bring back warm days

erasing this white curse, ere we’re driven mad.

I will shovel thee to the long sidewalk’s ends

and across expanse of concrete parking pad,

until fresh spring days bring neighbours out to talk.

When you at long last depart, we will be glad

for much less hurried saunters around the block.

Here are the shoveling photos……

The trying to make pretty photos while snow is still falling

The taking a birthday break shots My beloved took me out Saturday and L & A took me out Sunday. I’m a lucky guy.

The it’s so beautiful shots from today.

Not a day for lingering on the back deck
The back yard is gleaming
Snowy branch on the Schubert Chokecherry
Mountain ash berries and snow
A spot of winter colour

26 thoughts on “SNOWED ODE – November

  1. I know we’ll get our fair share eventually Allan – but certainly don’t miss that white stuff at this time of the year. And good on you Pat to help him shovel. Most I would do is to take photos of Terry out there by himself. Looks like you had a great birthday weekend. And is that 4 glasses of beer in front of you ?? Couldn’t decide which one to get ??

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    1. I know the BC motto. Better wet than white. Shoveling aside, I do like the changes of seasons. Yup. Pat would not allow me to do the whole thing alone on my birthday. I did have a great birthday weekend, thanks. As to the glasses of beer, 4 of them are mine and it is called a flight. 5 oz each of 4 different beers, so you can get a taste. Good to have a brew pub in town. Maybe, t will become a reward for shoveling. Thanks for reading and commenting, Ann Allan


  2. Shoveling is our winter gym. No need to leave home. We have a LOT of ground to cover with our shovels and although he does the bulk of it I help lots. After 7 or so years we finally got a snow blower for the driveway but we used to do a goodly portion of it by hand. NOT FUN shoveling on gravel.
    You got some great shots. It was a bit cool here on the weekend so the hands didn’t come out for many photos at -15 plus windchill. You have some cool items in your backyard that make for great winter photos.

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    1. Our gym too, at least for upper body strength. This one was about an hour’s worth of effort the first time and then we did another hour of our exercise routine. I agree on the gravel. When I was still at home on the farm, we used to have to shovel out the 1/4 mile long driveway with scoop shovels. No problem keeping warm then. Down to -20 here yesterday AM, but +5 today, so warm air is headed your way. I like to get out in the back yard before the warm sun starts to cause the snow to drop off. No fear at -20. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie.

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  3. Yes, yes, yes 🎉🎉🎉 finally I can feast my eyes on those long awaited snow photos and doesn’t it just look incredible? I don’t think there’s anything more magical than snow! I grew up in Latvia where we got heaps and heaps of snow and even with the temperatures hitting below 20’C I still loved every minute of it 😀 Thanks so much for sharing, Allan, you certainly made my day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Well, strangely enough, all the snow we had last weekend is fading away a couple of warm days and some freezing rain overnight, and things are a bit of a mess. Could be +10 here on Sunday. Climate change is messing with us again. Stay well, Marcus and thanks for reading. Allan

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    1. Thank you. There is a fine line between waiting for the winter sun to come out and light the snow and when the warmth of said sun, causes the snow to drop. I managed to hit it this time. 2 hours later and the wind and sun did their work and it was no longer as pretty. Thanks for reading. Allan

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