European Vacation – September 15/16/17 and 18/19 – Pisa, Italy (Part 5) – Grazing Our Way Around Pisa

I think I may have mentioned that there was never any difficulty in finding food or drink in Pisa, as we wandered around. Here are some of our experiences in and around Pisa.

On the afternoon of our second day, we stopped for a beverage in a little sidewalk cafe along a narrow street. My compatriots opted for either wine or soda and I went all out and ordered the Campari over ice. Campari is an Italian bitter aperitif and rather than be taken as just an after dinner drink, it can be taken (notice, I did not say enjoyed) as a before dinner drink or if you are me, just taken to say you have tried it. It is supposed to taste like bitter orange, but I am not so sure. I remember the first time I tasted this in 1984, it reminded me of the old Listerine flavour. I am happy to report that nothing has changed since then. One try was again enough….until next time.

The drawback at the restaurant was that the seating and restaurant were on opposite sides of the street. If she was not careful, our waitress could be run over, while delivering our orders to the table. It was also on a city bus route, so we had to be wary not to leave our feet or bags out on the street, as big diesel buses slowly rumbled by.

There were a variety of places for breakfast in Pisa, mostly coffee shops, offering sweet pastries and if you were lucky, a few savouries. The coffee was good and the pastries, while good were not very filling, but they were quick and affordable.

One of our favourite breakfast places was Filter, an American style coffee shop and bakery. Surprisingly good coffee and lots of sweet and savoury breakfast choices. We ate here on tow mornings. Prices were very reasonable and service was excellent.

Pizza is an Italian dish invented in Naples. We opted for a pizza supper one evening, near the Leaning Tower. It did not disappoint. My Patty and I split a pizza and salad.

On our way back to the apartment after a day trip to Lucca, we stopped at an Italian sandwich shop for made to order sandwiches. Delicious and just the light meal we needed.

Pre- or post dinner drinks and desserts were also not hard to come by. This place, near the tower offered main meals, but also drinks and dessert. Great iced coffee and some of the best Tiramisu we have ever had.

While we were there, a mounted band came by playing loud stirring music. I think the horses must be very well trained to put up with this.

7 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 15/16/17 and 18/19 – Pisa, Italy (Part 5) – Grazing Our Way Around Pisa

    1. It was delicious in its simplicity. What a difference local fresh ingredients make. I do not know when I will ever have good pasta again. The food in Pisa, Lucca and Cinque Terre has ruined me for our local Italian eateries. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


    1. It seemed a crime to visit an American style coffee house in the place where espresso was invented, but the coffee was excellent and the baked goods were way too good. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


      1. Not really – espresso culture is amazing on a regular day, but you cannot really grab a book and spend a cozy afternoon on a regular Italian bar. They give the best combination of these two

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    1. It was and you are right. The food was mostly good, so the only thing we had to concentrate on was value for the Euro. As to the beer, I only had a couple of samples. Could not get past the wine. The beer, while not stated seemed to be mostly lager style, pale light, crisp flavour and very refreshing on a hot day. I stayed away from mainstream and tried the local craft brews, which were good quality. After all, Moretti is now owned by Heineken. Cheers. Allan


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