November 17/19 – Happy Blog-a-versary

Not usually one to worry about my blog numbers, I will celebrate this one. Since my first post on my first blog on November 17/14, I have had…….

5 years of blogging

6 blogs (I use the WordPress free option)

1,401 posts


19,812 visits



833 followers (from a low of 5 to high of 486, 266 on current blog at this point

Out of my 266 followers, I have 20-30 dedicated readers. Thanks to all of you, even if you only read once. I appreciate you all.

18 thoughts on “November 17/19 – Happy Blog-a-versary

    1. Hi Amanda. Thanks for dropping by. I have thought of stopping many times, but so far, I am still in it, with lots of posts to come. Congrats on getting to the year. I know how tough that can be, particularly when you also have a career. Allan

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  1. On the blog you follow I have 881 posts with a one day total view of 4861. I’ve been here over 5 years and don’t really have many followers but I also I’ve never thought about quitting..I love words and working with them. It’s a great creative outlet.
    Congrats on five years and those good stats.

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    1. Congrats on your 5+ years, as well, Bernie. Followers are nice, but only if they read, rather than just pad stats. Hence my shout out to my small band of loyal readers. There are also the clickers who provide a lot of visits, views and likes, without really reading and that is why stats do not always tell the whole tale. Like you, I like the creative outlet of a good story, poem or phrase. My thoughts of quitting related more to time required to create, read and follow, more than stats. I think I may have been happiest when I only had 5 followers, because there was nowhere to go but up and I was enjoying telling my stories, no matter how trivial. I often joke that my blog is my hedge against Alzheimer’s, as I can always go back and read about my experiences. Cheers Allan

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  2. It’s interesting that people always think that because I blog they know all about me but I’m actually fairly selective about what I post. It is in some ways like a public journal. My daily haikus were much more private at times. Sorry I lost them all when my second phone died a horrible death.
    I agree that lots are just clickers and not actually engaged in the content. It’s a fine line I think.

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