European Vacation – September 17/19 – Pisa to Lucca, Italy (Part 1) – Take the Last Train to Lucca

Apologies to the Monkees for the title. Today was our 42nd wedding anniversary and along with J & F, we were setting off on a day trip to Lucca.

To get to Lucca was a relatively simple matter. There was only a 15 minute walk to Pisa Centrale Statione, and then a 31 minute train ride between Pisa and Lucca. We dawdled on our walk, as this was all new territory to us.

On arriving at the station, we saw the lineup to buy tickets at the wicket and opted to get ours from the ticket vending machine. Our train was eminent and my hurry was hampered by a bad case of fumble fingers and slow technology. By the time I figured my way through the process, the train had gone. But, not to worry, another would be along shortly. The return ticket price for the 31 minute journey on this local train was only about 8 Euro ($12 CAD). Such a deal. Now, can you teach Canadian rail companies your secrets, please?

Trenitalia is the name of the rail company created in 2010 when the EU wanted more similarities between European rail companies and services. They operate Regional trains, long distance trains and high speed trains, as well as some International routes.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Waiting in the station

Our train soon arrived. We boarded the train and took found seats. No reserved seating is possible on Regional trains, as they are all second class. You do have to keep your tickets handy for the conductors and the name on your ticket must match your photo I.D.

The train pulled out right on time and we slid slowly through the city, gradually picking up speed as we hit the outskirts. It was good to see new territory. There were several short stops along the way and we reached Lucca, right on time.

After our exploration of Lucca, we caught a late afternoon train back to Pisa. The process was simple, as we already had our return tickets. After all the walking we had done, it felt good to sit for a while.

Back at Pisa Centrale, there was still a lineup at the ticket wicket.

We have all heard of the well run on time train systems in Switzerland and Germany, but nobody seems to talk about the Italian rail system. We found them to be just as punctual as the German and Swiss trains. Tomorrow, our scheduled train travel to Cinque Terre would be much easier, as we now knew the process. Ciao!

8 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 17/19 – Pisa to Lucca, Italy (Part 1) – Take the Last Train to Lucca

  1. Just look at your Italian adventures! We’ve been to Italy a couple of times and each time choose to get around with trains, it’s so much fun to watch landscape shift and change as you are transported to a new destination! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Good morning Aiva (afternoon out your way). I love taking the train, because I am usually the driver when we get a car. The train gives me a chance to look at the scenery too. The local trains are nice, because you can actually watch the scenery without getting dizzy like on the high speeds. Hope all is well. |Enjoy the weekend. Allan


  2. Don’t we wish we had the opportunity to ride trains. When I first moved to Calgary in 1977 I took the train to Olds for the weekend. I doubt there is a Calgary Edmonton train anymore. It”s too bad but maybe it will make a comeback?

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    1. The almighty auto and lately, the pickup truck has us all screwed up for train travel. There is no point putting trains on, when nobody gets out of their vehicles. The Dayliner between Edmonton and Calgary stopped running in the 80s, when it took an hour longer than Greyhound to do the run. There were also frequent crashes. There is ongoing talk about high speed rail between Edmonton-Red Deer-Calgary, but the cost would be too high and the ridership to low. Canada’s population density is just too low to support mass transit outside of the cities. Too bad, as train travel is great in Europe and Asia. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan

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