European Vacation – September 17/19 – Lucca, Italy (Part 6) – our 42nd Anniversary Dinner in La Bottega di Anna & Leo

When I realized we would be in Italy on our anniversary, I thought of a romantic trip to Florence to celebrate our day. In time, we realized that it would be much simpler to travel to and explore Lucca. With Rick Steves’ Florence &Tuscany tour book in hand, we sought out a suitable restaurant for a late lunch/early supper (lupper) and landed on this place.

We were close by to La Bottega di Anna & Leo and as we passed, booked a table near the end of the lunch period. It was open for lunch from Noon to 3:00 PM and our booking was for 1:45 PM.

The restaurant is run by Claudio and Lidia and named for their children. It is located beside Basilica San Frediano, so easy to find. The food is Tuscan fare, just what we wanted and the place is unpretentious. They have a few tables in the room as you enter and more in the room behind. There were no outside tables this day and it would have been too hot to sit outside in the sun anyway.

A couple of oddities here:

  1. When we asked for wine glasses, we were given a glass similar to a juice glass. When I think about it now, this is likely what wine would have been served in for lunch in an Italian home. Since then, I have seen similar glasses used in movies and cooking/wine shows about Italy.
  2. Despite tables being available in the rear air conditioned dining room, we were seated at the front of the restaurant

Nonetheless, we had a great meal of Tortelli Luchesse, mixed salad and house red wine.

Restaurant Interior

Restaurant Exterior and gunslinger J with Patty’s trekking poles

We were truly fortunate to once again be with special people in a special place to celebrate our special day. Ciao.

8 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 17/19 – Lucca, Italy (Part 6) – our 42nd Anniversary Dinner in La Bottega di Anna & Leo

    1. We have been very lucky, since we started to travel on our anniversary date. We have celebrated in New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Lucca, Tokyo and many other places. Each one was special and gave us lots of memories. Thanks for your good wishes and for reading. Allan


    1. We just watched a really bad Netflix movie called Under the Eiffel Tower, where they drank their wine from tumblers with the meals. I think it is a family style thing and I guess we should be honoured to be thought of as family and friends, but it did seem weird at the time to be holding a tumbler, making the contents warmer with our hot hands. Have a good weekend Lael. Allan


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