European Vacation – September 17/19 – Lucca, Italy (Part 7) – Torre Guiniji (Guinigi Tower) – Mine is Bigger Than Yours

One of the things that interested us about Lucca was the presence of bell towers within the city walls. One, in particular, Torre Guiniji could be climbed for a fee.

Torre Guiniji was built in the 1300s by a wealthy merchant. The taller and more ornate the tower, the higher the status of the merchant. Guiniji Tower is 45 m tall and it takes 232 steps to reach the top. In the old days, the kitchen was located on the floor below the roof top of the tower, which served as a kitchen garden. The tower was donated to the local government by the Guiniji family.


7 tall Holm oaks grow atop the tower, providing a shady respite after the climb.

Admission cost is 3 Euros per person. You can pay the fee and proceed, if you can get the attention of the social media absorbed young attendant. She was quite rude to the lady in front of us, who did not have the exact change, so I topped it up to help her out.

On this hot day, we took our time climbing and were glad for the breeze at the top. The view of Lucca was phenomenal.

Towering Status

Seven tall Holm oaks

provide green leafy respite

atop Guiniji.

The photos from the climb up

The views from the top

Closeups from the top

A chance to relax and cool down before returning to terra firma.

The stairway down
The tower from street level

14 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 17/19 – Lucca, Italy (Part 7) – Torre Guiniji (Guinigi Tower) – Mine is Bigger Than Yours

    1. Thanks Aiva. The experience and the view were worth the climb. At the top, we could also hear the sound of young children singing in a school music class. It was magical. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend. Allan


    1. Oh yeah. At one point, one of our group dared to step up on the planting bed around the oak trees. At that point, a voice came over the loud speaker….Please do not step on the soil. There are rules, I guess. Thanks for reading and commenting Lael. Allan


    1. For sure. I think this guy may have been trying to compensate for something. All I can hope is that the dining room was either on the roof top or near the kitchen. I think the meal may have been cold by the time it got down the 232 steps to the ground. Cheers. Allan


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