European Vacation – September 18/19/20/21 and 22/19 – Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre), Italy (Part 2) – Apartment Oceano d’Amore – Just Steps from the Center of Town

…..OK. So now, we are at the Riomaggiore train station, with instructions to head for the Bar Zorza to meet our apartment hosts.

From the Rick Steeves guidebook, I knew we had 2 ways to get into the town, so we could try to find our apartment.

  1. Take the high road. Head out of the station, climb the streets to “The Top of the Town”, then walk back down Via Colombo or Via di Loca to our apartment. This would be a 750m to 1 km walk up and down hills and stairs with 7 bags between 4 people. Hmmmmm, not in the cards.
  2. Walk through the pedestrian tunnel to Via Colombo and Bar Zorza. A 600m walk, mostly on the level. OK, we are in.

We chose #2, but, where the H— was that pedestrian tunnel. We walked back and forth across the platform and up and down the stairs, before heading out of the station to the sea coast side…..

In Rio, but, where do we go from here?

…..then back through the station and across the tracks to the other side by the Info Center. Still no sign of a tunnel. We must have gone across the platform and up and down stairs at least 3 times. In truth, the tunnel was there, we just did not know what we were looking for. A quick text was sent to our host, who volunteered to come and get us.

She was there in no time and we set off in a long procession, through the tunnel to the apartment…..

the mysterious tunnel between town and the train station

….and the 90 steps up to it. Yikes, what were a bunch of seniors with heavy luggage doing, climbing so many steps? Our 90 pound host grabbed the biggest bag, put it on her head and climbed the steps like a pro. She had obviously done this before.

We were early and the apartment was not yet ready, so we dropped our bags and headed out to Bar Zorza for a cold one and a bit of a relax.

Why order a small beer, when you can order a large beer?

Then some exploration of the town, before heading back up to the apartment to get sorted.

Here are the pix on the way up to the apartment. We had time to ponder the old buildings as we gasped for breath until we got used to the climb.

The apartment. Good fit and finish, but a few mosquitoes and midges entered through an open window, a bit small with no sitting room, beds were too firm and there was no wifi….oh there was the promise of wifi and there were numerous iterations of how to punch in the login code. It would seem that the ISP network mentioned did not exist when we did a search of available networks. So, the password was irrelevant. We reported this several times and there were promises to look into it, but, we never had any wifi for our 4 days there. This seemed to be a common complaint from many other tourists we met in our wanderings. Oh well.

A few packaged pastries and some milk had been left for our first breakfast.

The cost for this apartment for 4 people for 4 nights was $1,188 CAD. Not quite as steep as the stairs. This is a busy tourist area and prices can be even higher, depending on when you travel.

The view out the apartment windows.

This is how the stair to the next floor up is supported.

The view from the stairwell window.

Night views on and of the stairs

At the end of our stay, we loved this place, despite the steps and shortcomings. Ciao Bella.

8 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 18/19/20/21 and 22/19 – Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre), Italy (Part 2) – Apartment Oceano d’Amore – Just Steps from the Center of Town

  1. Europe is amazing but also challenging in its way. One of the reasons why we still travel with backpacks is many stairs, cobbled streets and very little space that public transport provides. Your apartment looks charming, especially that stone wall in the bedroom. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to hearing more about your Italian adventures. Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your photos Allan. As much as I would love to travel to Italy – I don’t think I could manage all those stairs. But I shall enjoy the trip vicariously through you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad we were not on a higher floor. The stairs below this one seemed fine. My wife never spotted this either. I am always looking up and this just seemed sketchy….and in earthquake country to boot. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

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