European Vacation – September 18/19/20/21 and 22/19 – Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre), Italy (Part 3) – Up and Down and Around the Town

Cinque Terre (chank-wuh terr-a) meaning Five Lands is a coastal area in Liguria, in Northwest Italia. The area lies west of La Spezia and consists of 5 villages, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The coastline, the five villages and the hillsides in the area form Cinque Terre National Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.


Riomaggiore is a village and commune in the province of La Spezia, Italy. Located in a small valley in the Ligurian region, it is the closest village to La Spezia. Founded in the mid 13th century, the population is listed as 1,576 as of 2016. Most attractions in the village are walkable (provided you have sturdy shoes and good knees).


It is safe to say that tourists outnumber residents at most of the times throughout the year. We were surprised at just how many tourists remained in the area after the middle of September). We chose Riomaggiore for our home base, while exploring the area, because of its proximity to La Spezia and good rail service.

It is picturesque, with a beautiful rocky harbour, where locals and tourists alike, gather to watch the sun go down each night.

This post concentrates on the town. Other posts will deal with the harbour, the beach, the food, etc.

Narrow lanes, walkways, stairs and archways. This is a good place to explore and get lost in. The numerous steps give you reason to pause and take the view in, while you struggle to catch your breath.

The pedestrian tunnel between the train station and the centre of the village

The train station and environs, including the Tourist Info Office for the National Park

Wandering the town. We did this several times a day. In the morning, the narrow streets would be full of delivery vehicles dropping off goods and picking up garbage. How or why anyone would drive here is beyond me.

Scenes around town

The flora and fauna. Yes, that is a black cat and he did in fact cross my path. And yes, that is a rather large grasshopper. Yikes

We enjoyed our time in Rio. While you can move to a different village every night, there is something nice about living like a local in one place.

6 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 18/19/20/21 and 22/19 – Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre), Italy (Part 3) – Up and Down and Around the Town

  1. What a cool place to wander around! Minus the huffing and puffing of course! That second flower is most unusual. I’d love something like that in my garden. That black cat is just perfect ❤ My next cat is going to be a black one. I've told Hubs if I find one, with fangs and extra toes I'm not even going to consult him, I'm just bringing it home. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The huffing and puffing was not too bad and for once, nobody complained when I stopped to take photos. None of us had ever seen a flower like that on. I do not have a clue what it was. Wait until you see my black cat shot from Eze. That one definitely crossed my path. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

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