European Vacation – September 18/19/20/21 and 22/19 – Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre), Italy (Part 4) – Eating and Drinking our way Around Town

While we did not eat all our meals in Rio, we did take advantage of some of the restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores. There is plenty of variety in both food and prices.

Bar Zorza – Our first stop when we hit town. I needed a beer. We did not go back until the last morning, for breakfast. It was a rainy Sunday and with most places closed, this place was mobbed. It was all counter order service and then you sat down to wait for your order. But, everyone was taking orders and everyone was serving and everyone was handling cash. This and the various tourist languages led to a great deal of confusion. The food and service were great and the prices were reasonable. Given, its location at the bottom of our 90 stairs, it was a good place to pause on the downs and ups.

Bar Centrale. Our first night in town and we had no clue where we wanted to eat. A fellow tourist suggested this place had good food, so we ended up there for an early supper. There was the confusion of “is this free or will they charge us for it?” when they put bread on the table, but we were hungry and just went ahead and ate it. Pastas were good and the salads were OK. Their glass of wine was rather small for the price.

Bakeries. The best bakery in town was Bakery Rosi Roberta Di Baudinelli on Via Columbo. OMG, can I have one of everything? This place is more like a jewelry store, than a bakery. The salted focaccia bread is to die for.

Il Maggiore. Likely the best cappucino in town and a good place to sit down and enjoy it. Also, good baked goods and fruit slices. Open early (but, not on a rainy Sunday)

Da Dulin – We usually stick to 2 meals a day when travelling, breakfast and an early lunch (seniors dining hour). This was our last day in Rio, so we opted for a splurge. Pasta, salads, desserts and wines were all delightful.

Eating in. Not many pix here. Often, I would run down to the bakery in the morning and grab breakfast and coffees. We picked up this fruit salad in a grocery store in Corniglia. Fresh fruit is always good. There are (2) Coop 5 Terre stores in town. The one closest to the harbour is often lined up out the door. The other smaller one is often not. Food and snack choices, as well as beer and wine. Bottles of the local regional wines are reasonably priced.

There were also a few take out fast food places in town (Mi-Va is one), serving chicken and chips, fish and chips or calamari and chips in paper cones. Mi-Va also does take out pizza by the slice or a whole pie. Average food at reasonable prices.

Vertical Bar on Via Colombo – good cappuccinos and limoncella cake. A good place to pause for morning coffee break. The washroom was not very clean, so be advised.

In short, you will not go hungry in Riomaggiore. Ciao Chow.

2 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 18/19/20/21 and 22/19 – Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre), Italy (Part 4) – Eating and Drinking our way Around Town

    1. Every time we have Italian food in our own country, we just thin back to how good the Italian food was in Italy. I do not know how we screw this up in North America. Thanks for reading Crystal. Allan


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