November 30/19 – Leduc County Lights

After being hosted by a private family for the last 15 years, this display has been relocated to the Leduc West Antique Society grounds, 49541 Range Road 260 . It runs from 5-10 PM from November 30/19 to January 1/20 and admission is $2 (which will basically cover maintenance costs). Parking is available on site. The display is set up among the buildings on the Antique Society grounds and is still impressive in its first year.

Our Christmas-crazy kids L & A took us there on opening night as part of a gathering to celebrate my wife’s birthday. While it was a chilly evening, wood burning warming fires are set up at several locations. Hot chocolate and photos with Santa are also available on site. A nice family outing and so much nicer than driving through a haze of winter exhaust along lighted streets.

Christmas Spirit

Christmas lights glowing

across distant prairie fields.

Making spirits bright.

7 thoughts on “November 30/19 – Leduc County Lights

  1. You have mastered night time photography that’s for sure! Our city has a drive through one that you can walk through only twice in the season. It’s ridiculously expensive as well. $2 means they probably aren’t making any money but it means people can come and enjoy it.

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    1. Thanks Bernie. I also shot this last year and my shots were not nearly this good. I must be getting used to my camera or it was not as cold, so I was not shivering. We have 4 or 5 of these around Edmonton, including one indoors and one at the zoo. This one was nice and close and people were getting out to see it. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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