December 5/19 – Crystal Clear

Our town was covered under a fresh blanket of winter white, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the winds were calm. There was nothing for it, but to bundle up and head out for a walk to Four Seasons Park. I knew I would regret it, if I left my camera at home, but I did not know how much beauty I would find outside, as we walked. Even the ugly swamp spruce trees in our park were transformed…and the snow crystals were everywhere. A glorious day.

17 thoughts on “December 5/19 – Crystal Clear

    1. This was an interesting snowfall, with huge flakes that seemed to stay in place interlocked until the sun and wind hit them. The perfect blue sky day was just a gift. I shovel so much of this stuff off the walk and drives, I can only make peace with the nuisance when it shows beauty. Thanks for reading Crystal and enjoy your non snowy weather. Allan

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      1. Thank you, Allan! High of 75 here today. We’ve had one snow here in the past three years, and my high school sophomores told me the last time it snowed before that they were five. I grew up in Oklahoma, where the snowy winters are gorgeous. I miss that.

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      2. No wonder all the Albertan oil workers are moving South. Enjoy the day. The temperature right now is 7 and there will be a high of 12 and we will definitely be having a WHITE Christmas. A

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    1. We have had our fair share of grey here, as well. So, when the sun shines, we make a point of getting outdoors. Supposed to get greyer and colder over the next few days. Maybe, my snow blogs won’t be quite so glowing. Ha Ha. Hope you get some sunshine soon. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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