December 4/19 – Pileups

As per the caption, this snowfall happened on December 4/19.

The weather forecast on two TV stations last night talked about a few light flurries of snow overnight. Imagine my surprise in the AM to see 12 cm of snow on the driveway and walks. Weather forecasting continues to be an inexact science and a job whose employees can be wrong at least 50% of the time and still keep their jobs. As my Kiwi weatherman friend always says, if you want to know what the weather is doing, stick your head outside.

And so I did, at 7:30 AM to shovel for an hour, again at noon to shovel for 20 minutes and again at 1:30 to shovel for another 15 minutes. As I hung up the shovel each time, right on cue, the snow fall started again. There was nothing for it, but to head back inside and have an afternoon coffee.

It is on days like today that I am happy that my commute is easily completed indoors. As my Patty always says of winter’s white wonder….”Isn’t it beautiful?” Why, yes it is!


Snowflakes piling up

on driveways, sidewalks on roads

causing car pileups.

Pining for spring
Maple sugar
Bowed boughs
Flake freeway
Mountain (of snow) Ash
Snow parking
Snow Brush
Snow sculpture
Berry Interesting
Red-y for a White Christmas
Snow Fencing

4 thoughts on “December 4/19 – Pileups

  1. I’m always delighted to wake up to a fresh layer of snow outside. I live in an apartment so I don’t have to shovel. I also take the subway to work so the snow doesn’t really impact my commute. We will often get the opposite where the weather network predicts all this snow, and we hardly get anything. That always disappoints me as I love a nice snow storm (assuming I’m all cozy and indoors).

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    1. My attitude about snow has certainly changed since my working days. I lived 27 km from my office, so snow meant potential problems on my commute, as well as shovelling. Now my commute is down 14 steps to the kitchen, so shovelling seems a small price to pay and I get exercise. Wishing you a cozy winter snow experience. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  2. Wow, that’s so much snow! I don’t even remember when was the last time I was able to see blankets of freshly fallen snow, but one thing for sure – there is nothing more magical! Thanks for sharing, Allan, snow photos always make me super happy 😊

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    1. We have continued to accumulate snow since then with a few centimeters last week. No fear of not having a White Christmas here. As always, thanks for reading and there will be more snow posts. Cheers. Allan

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