December 6/19 – Making Tracks

Tired of the same old, same old walks, we opted to drive into Edmonton on this grey, but, warm day, for a walk along the North Saskatchewan River from Whitemud Park to the Fort Edmonton footbridge and back, a distance of some 5.5 km. We thought we could get away from traffic noise, but, no such luck. Fort Edmonton was undergoing some construction and the noise from this and Fox Drive, Whitemud Drive and the far distant Anthony Henday Freeway never left us alone.

However, the scenes along the trail were worth it and even on this dull grey day, we managed to find bright spots of colour.

Making Tracks

Winter’s grey skies make it tempting to stay

snuggled warm inside, for most of the day,

but, winter’s too long to stay locked indoors,

with so many paths for us to explore.

All bundled up, to stop any shiver,

we head away, to walk by the river,

down by water’s edge, a marvelous sight,

ice bergs and frazil pans in winter white,

cascading down stream with swift river flow,

others left hung up, with no place to go.

Snow covered trees lining snow covered trails,

we passed hikers and dogs with wagging tails,

from footbridge, we watch ice pans filled with cracks,

before turning back, again making tracks.

North Saskatchewan River and Whitemud Creek near the start, complete with ice bergs and frazil ice.

The river alongside Fort Edmonton Park and from the Fort Edmonton footbridge. The 5th and 6th pix show what happens when an ice flow hits a bridge pier. The frazils fractured slightly and continued on.

Vignettes along the way and back.

Jog and Dog
Birch Barked
Patty and the River
Another bark anomaly on a Birch tree
Rose hips under snow
Red berries under snow
Possibly a backdrop for a wedding photo shoot?
Fort Edmonton footbridge support tower
Mountain Ash Berries
Companions on the trail
With a fat bike, cycling continues year round in the valley
under a snowy Spruce bough
Can’t you see, I’m eating?

16 thoughts on “December 6/19 – Making Tracks

    1. Hi Lynette. It took a long time for the river to freeze solid this year, with constant warming and cooling cycles, so we got to enjoy the frazils a few times. Thanks for reading. Allan


    1. My Patty says that weather is nothing more then the appropriate clothing. Rather have it too cold than too hot. And the good news was that there were no mosquitoes. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


  1. Even on a grey day your part of the world looks absolutely amazing, not to mention that super cute squirrel – brilliant capture, Allan. Would love to go cycling on a fat bike through a snowy landscape, that would be a very memorable experience for sure. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We like to get out as much as possible in the winter, especially if the sun is shining. It helps to have a walking partner. We just got back from a 90 minute 6.6 km walk for groceries and such. It is a glorious day for this time of year. Gotta keep moving. Thanks for reading. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

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