European Vacation – September 20/19 – Manarola-Volastra-Corniglia Hike (Cinque Terre) Italy – Part 3 – Volastra to Corniglia – W(h)ining is Encouraged

If we thought the first part of the hike was beautiful, we were in for a real treat on the second part. It was drop dead gorgeous. The trouble was that you could not walk the trail and look around at the same time. At times, we were on narrow paths on steep hillsides and one wrong step could be your last. We went from shade to sun and back to shade on many portions, walked through the vineyards and pumpkin patches and oohhed and ahhhed our way down to Corniglia. I will let my photos speak for themselves.

Among the vines

Stunning views

Through someone’s back yard

On the trails

Shadows were good, even better when they became shade
The path was well marked
Not a trail for street shoes or flip flops


On the edge of a precipice

Finally arriving at Corniglia

Cactus above Corniglia
Prickly pears
Blue gate at Corniglia
Fall is coming (the season, not the action)

Wheeew, we made it. The walk is supposed to take about 2 hours to complete. We managed to dawdle our way along to 3 hours and 45 minutes. Trust me, we were not in a hurry.

18 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 20/19 – Manarola-Volastra-Corniglia Hike (Cinque Terre) Italy – Part 3 – Volastra to Corniglia – W(h)ining is Encouraged

    1. Well worth spending some time in this area and getting out of the busy villages onto the trails. Our timing in mid to late September seemed about perfect as the long trails were not crowded at that time. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


  1. Italian coastal views are certainly one of a kind and it pays off to take it slow, especially when hiking through such an amazing place- this way you get to see and feel much more. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  2. Life would be lame -probably literally too-without dawdling 🙂
    What a place to savour. WOW! I see these beautiful places and I feel almost…despair because what if I never get there? Good thing I have your marvellous images. ❤

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    1. As I get older, I find I dawdle more and more. We almost never made it there. We were waiting for some other friends to make time, when this chance came up. I wish for you a chance to visit. Thanks for reading and commenting Lael. Allan

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