European Vacation – September 20/19 – Corniglia (Cinque Terre) Italy – Town on the Rocks

Corniglia (Kor Knee Lia) is a hamlet and commune of Vernazza in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, Northern Italy. Its origin is from Roman times. In 2016, its population was 150, making it the smallest of the 5 villages in Cinque Terre). It sits high atop a rocky promontory, overlooking the Ligurian sea and can be reached by climbing the 382 steps (22 flights called the Lardarina) from the train station below, or by taking the free bus up.


We entered from the top of the town and wandered our way down onto the church plaza, where we enjoyed the view, but also felt the full heat of the afternoon sun. We were glad to be off the trail.

We first explored the old church, Chiesa di San Pietro (1334), while we pondered our next move.

We opted for a late lunch/early supper and I combed through my Rick Steeves guide book, looking for a suitable restaurant. Finding one, we set off through the town. We found our restaurant and sat down in to dine in paradise. (Next Post)

After lunch, we set out to explore the village, taking the narrow streets through the tiny village to…..

….the Terrazza Panoramica Santa Maria overlooking the sea below.

The sun was was beating straight down on us here, so we did not linger too long, before making our way back through the village in the direction of the train station and those 382 steps.

We stopped into another tiny church, Cappella dei Flagelati Corniglia (18th century)….

…before slowly made our way back to the end of town closest to the train station. All the streets and shops were so picturesque.

On the way, we found the bus stop where we could catch the bus that would drive us down to the train station,. We were all for this, as it would save us 382 more steps down. A bit of shopping for some fresh fruit salad and the bus arrived.

The bus was in high demand, so there was standing room only for us latecomers. The twisty downhill drive was exciting, as we all leaned first one way and then the other.

On the train and home in short order What a great day!

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