Ice Queen – December 19/19

Ice Queen

Locked fast in winter’s firm icy grip,

river Queen will not stray far from shore.

Perhaps in late spring there’ll be a trip,

with drink, food and sightseeing once more.

Meanwhile, rail bridge work slowly plods on,

schedule delayed further and further.

When ice turns to spring in Edmonton,

pace will pick up with renewed fervor.

Edmonton Queen riverboat with new Tawatinaw LRT bridge behind
Edmonton Queen riverboat
Low Level bridge over North Saskatchewan River looking West
Hotel MacDonald and Edmonton skyline from viewing platform
Workers installing solar panels on the Edmonton convention center
River is almost totally frozen over

6 thoughts on “Ice Queen – December 19/19

    1. Thanks Aiva. No, we do not skate on this river. The flow is unpredictable, even in winter with all the storm water and cooling tower outfalls. Also, the river is rough and snow covered. Also, after growing up on skates, as a kid, I am no longer a fan of ice skating. Thanks for reading and commenting Aiva. Allan

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