European Vacation – September 22-28/19 – Nice, France, Part 1 – Apartment at #4 Place Massena – I Could Have Sworn There was an Elevator

The taxi dropped us off right out front of the door and we walked into the lobby of this beautiful building. I looked around for the elevator, and looked and looked and looked. I could have sworn there was an elevator when I booked. I had promised everyone an elevator, but, there was no elevator.

We texted our host, who came over in about 10 minutes to let us in and give us the lowdown. She conformed that there was NO ELEVATOR, but there were 96 steps.

We were here for 6 nights and would be up and down the stairs at least twice a day, fortunately only twice with luggage. My entourage assured me that they still loved me.

This apartment is in the center of it all.

  • 2 blocks from the beach and Promenade des Anglais
  • 3 blocks from the Old Town and Cours Saleya Market
  • right on the main square and close to Promenade du Paillon park

The apartment could sleep 6 (fold out couch) and was very spacious for the 4 of us. The cost for 4 people for 6 nights was $1,844 CAD. It had laundry, air conditioning, cable, good wi-fi, a roof top belvedere with a great view of the square, a bottle of cold Rose wine in the fridge, but, it did not have an elevator. Did I mention, that it did have a delightful chilled bottle of local rose wine in the fridge, to help us relax from our stair climbing.

2 annoying problems here:

  1. a musty smell in one bedroom, likely from the wall mounted A/C unit
  2. broken tiles on the floor of the shower. |Bring shower shoes.

Without further ado, here are the photos.

The interior

The exterior.

Our apartment was accessed through the central door on this building. Our only view of the square was form our belvedere

The last shot shows a closeup of the belvedere (fenced portion to the top right)

Those bloody stairs and the entrance lobby.

Stairs up to our bevedere

View from the living room window.

Morning photos from the belvedere

Daytime photos from the belvedere

Evening photos from the belvedere

Street photos from the belvedere

If you get the idea that we spent a lot of time up on the bevedere, you would be wrong, but we did enjoy frequent short visits.

6 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 22-28/19 – Nice, France, Part 1 – Apartment at #4 Place Massena – I Could Have Sworn There was an Elevator

  1. You really did stay very central and close to all the amenities, we spent hours in the park right across from where you were staying! I probably took around 100 photos of the fountain and the surrounding buildings, yours including – I loved the red exterior colour and those green shutters! Thanks for sharing, your photos are absolutely stunning and they bring back lots of lovely and sunny memories from our trip to Nice! Aiva

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