European Vacation – September 22-28/19 – Nice, France, Part 2 – A Town so Nice, We Visited Thrice

We were in Nice for 6 days and as a result, there were a lot of photos taken. Because Nice has so many facets and attractions and in order to not overwhelm you, I am breaking the city down into areas or attractions.

The first known hominid settlers in this area date back over 400,000 years. An archaeological dig shows evidence of fire, early house construction and flint findings dating back over 230,000 years ago.

Nice was founded in 350 BC by the Greeks, who gave it the name of Nikaia, in honour of the victory over the Ligurians in northwest Italy, as Nike was the goddess of victory.

In the 7th century, Nice joined the Genoese league formed by the towns of Liguria. In 729, the city repulsed the Saracens, but the Saracens sacked and burned the city in 859 and 880 and remained the masters of the area until the late 10th century. When it formed an alliance with Pisa, it became the enemy of Genoa, but managed to maintain its civil liberties. In the 13th and 14th centuries, Nice fell more than once to the Dukes of Provence, but, regained its independence.

From 1338 to 1860, the area was under the protection of the Counts of Savoy, until the 1860 Treaty of Turin between the Sardinian King and Napolean III ceded the area to France.

Nice has long been an important port and trading area and its warm climate attracts many tourists. As of the 2016 census, the population was listed as 345,998.


During the time we were in Nice, the weather was mostly warm and sunny. It had a few periods of cloud and a minor sprinkle or two, but was a nice place to be in late September.

Monument aux Morts – War Memorial on backside of Castle Hill
Cote d’Azur
Truer words were never spake

10 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 22-28/19 – Nice, France, Part 2 – A Town so Nice, We Visited Thrice

  1. Nice is definitely one of the places I would love to go back to. We stayed for 5 days and still didn’t get to see everything we had in mind, not to mention nearby villages and towns. Thanks for sharing, look forward to reading more about your experiences in beautiful Nice. Aiva

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    1. Agree. Even in our 3 visits and 17 days, I can not get enough of Nice. On my first visit, I ended up doing a face plant fall off a bicycle onto the street. I got a tour I did not expect (ambulance ride and cosmetic surgery). Each time we travel back, some wise acre always tells me to stay of bicycles. And I do. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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      1. Now, that is a long story. This happened in 2011 on my 3rd day in Nice, when we rented bikes. The hospital did a few stitches to repair my lip and the dental suite did a slight smoothing of my broken centrals. I was then given a prescription to buy about 80 Euros of medical supplies (the only cost for the entire event) and the address for a home nurse who would change my dressings daily. We worked around it, managed to do a lot of sight seeing, drank wine and beer through a straw, ate crusty baguettes with knife and fork and held my head high as people stared at my bandaged face. On my last day, I went back to the hospital for a check and they insisted on debriding the wound, which meant I was back to square one with bandages. I survived and even though I had a few flashbacks for a while, I am in good shape and I now have a new theme song. You know Tony Bennet has “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”. Well, I have “I left my Teeth in Nice”. Thanks for asking. Allan

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