Winter 2020 – I’m Beginning to See a Pattern Here

Our recent cold snap (7 days with daily highs below -20C and temperatures as low as -38 C <-46C with wind chill>) seems to have come as a surprise to many locals. I am not sure why. It is January in Central Alberta. In my 66 years (53 of them in this province) there is at least one (often more) periods of bad weather in each winter season. Blizzards, high wind chills, freezing rain and even thunder snow have all happened before.

Every year, the arrival of winter catches many off guard, furnaces break down, car batteries fail, snow tires not purchased or not installed, winter clothing and shovels missing or not handy.

There are some hard truths to learn about winter here and most folks only require one lesson to be better prepared next time, while others seem to need many reminders.

My beloved snapped this shot as we were driving about today doing a good deed.

Obviously not yet cold enough to freeze the nuts off a steel bridge

It is winter, but I am not here to lecture you. Sitting inside my warm house yesterday, I started to notice some familiar scenes and patterns outside and so it was that I came up with today’s snow blog title. With camera in hand and title in mind, I headed out to explore.


Outside, all frosty, covered deep in fresh snow,

Old Man Winter really putting on a show.

Donning warm parka, tying up hiking boots,

popping outdoors to view winter’s attributes.

Cold biting winds begin nipping at my nose,

I’m truly thankful so little is exposed.

Eagerly setting out to view this white world,

marvelling at each artistic swoop and swirl.

Sculptured snow sill from inside the house

Nature embellishes my stencilled deck

Deck screen art

Fake news. It was actually -27. I gotta move this thing.
Snowflake steps
Looks like a foot of snow to me
winter art
Winter can be a kick in the slats

Blanket of white

Seeing red

Snow covered

This Amur Cherry’s bark is worse than its bite

Snow cornice on deck roof

This is the vent for my 97% high efficiency furnace. They call this type of furnace a condensing furnace and the major by-product of combustion is water vapour. I have never seen this kind of ice buildup on the exhaust vent before. Some of these furnaces are prone to being blocked by ice buildup which causes the furnace to under perform or shut down. I knocked my ice block off after the photos.

12 thoughts on “Winter 2020 – I’m Beginning to See a Pattern Here

  1. You live in a real winter wonderland and it looks beyond anything I’ve seen before! I knew there are more snow photos coming my way because when I asked you about the freezing temperatures in Canada, you told me to watch this space. ❄️❄️❄️ Thanks so much for sharing, Allan and keep warm 😊 Aiva

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    1. Yup. A winter WONDER land. You wonder if your car will break down, if your furnace will run, if you will freeze walking to the store. Tee Hee. We did walk to the store yesterday at -27C (-36C with wind chill). Hope to get out today and take some more winter shots for next weekend. It is supposed to be up to +1 this next week. Thanks for reading and commenting Aiva.

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      1. I looked at the aviation weather charts of that storm; it had the characteristics of a hurricane (not a cyclone as the weather channel is saying; they’re referring to it as a “winter cyclone” which really is something they’re making up). Hurricanes form over very warm water which is really unusual at this time of year.

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    1. I am just ticked off that all that clean white snow is going to melt into a sandy slurry that will get all over everything. Oh well, a week of warm and I am sure the cold and snow will return. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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