January 21/20 – Road Trip

The answer to your first question is…”No, that is not my car!”

Several serendipitous things came together today:

1) It was no longer minus ‘leventy seven degrees C.

2) Snow was not falling.

3) The sun was shining.

4) Skies were clear and blue.

5) I had some time on my hands.

Two weeks ago, we drove down Rollyview Road (East to West), on a grey, snowy January day on our way to Calgary. I saw some interesting shots, but, the light was not right and we had no time to stop, anyway. Ever since that day, I have been trying to get back there, under the right conditions (listed above).

Today was that day, sunny, -7C, blue skies, no wind and the road rolled smoothly onward beneath the wheels of my car, as I headed off to see if reality would live up to my memories.

I drove down 814 South to 623 and then headed East, planning my shot stops along the way. My memory had been pretty accurate and at my turn around point, I set off to capture the scenes I recalled. I also shot a few of these in high contrast black and white, as the strong winter sunlight emphasized the shadows.

623 is a narrow highway with little or no shoulder to pull off on, so I made sure that I only stopped on the paved approach ramps to farmer’s fields. I then walked back along the road to get the best angle I could without walking into the deep snow in the ditches. I had to be mindful of passing traffic and at one point a passing motorist seeing my car with hazards flashing and me on foot, slowed and rolled down his window to ask if everything was alright. I told him I was merely taking photos and thanked him. As he drove off, I almost thought I could hear him rolling his eyes. That is the good thing in the rural part of Alberta. People look out for each other, even if one of them is obviously a lunatic.

Now, on to the photos.

Rollyview, a small hamlet with a total population of 71
Rolling hills and wet lands
Rural “snow” fence
The white snowy fields shone like a mirror this day
Black and white version
Old fence line
Rural road sign, in case you had to call for a tow truck…
Rollyview’s Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church – over 100 years old
Black and white shot of same
steeple in black and white – I think the steeple tells you which direction the prevailing winds come from in this neck of the woods
and in colour
valley where 623 E/W and 814 N/S meet
As the temperatures rise, frost starts to form on the long frozen blacktop, making it very slippery. This driver found that out the hard way, when he tried to slow down.

Part 2 of my photo shoot will appear tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “January 21/20 – Road Trip

    1. Too funny. Good that they ask, some time, we may need a ride. I am sure we get a lot of strange looks as we walk just about everywhere in this town and typically arrive at the stores before or at the same time as those who drive 2 blocks in their pickup trucks or SUVs. We love being walking distance to just about everywhere in our small city. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan

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    1. Thankyou Bernie. I agree. Just keep it between -10 and -5 and all will be good. This winter has been playing good winter/bad winter. Just gotta get out on the good winter days. Thanks for your comments. Allan


  1. Beautiful photos, Allan. The snow is finally forecasted for Ireland, apparently some time next week, but I don’t think it’s gonna be as nice or as much as in your part of the world. Still, with two more months of winter left, we can always live in hope and keep our fingers crossed ❄️Hard to believe, January is slowly coming to an end. thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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