January 23/20 – Sometimes if You Want to Make it Through a Long, Snowy Winter, You Need to Get Plowed!

The old saying…”If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” seems to apply here, this week. On Monday, we were still in a deep freeze, on Tuesday, the day was warm and sunny, on Wednesday, we got a further 15 cm of snow and today, it was warm and windy. That must be why we keep 3 or 4 different coats in our winter closets in this neck of the woods.

I recall many discussions with a former workmate when he was going through his first winter after moving to Edmonton. Each day, sunny, frozen, snowy or balmy, his first question to me would be “Is this normal winter weather here?” Each time, I responded “No”! Finally after the 5th weather change, in frustration, he asked “What the H— is normal winter weather around here?” I replied “This!”

You have already seen my posts from the frozen and the thaw days. I have no post for the snow day, as I was too busy shovelling (3 times, as a matter of fact). This is the sidewalk were I got my upper body workout yesterday.

This guy must be retired.

We did walk to the grocery store yesterday and it felt like we were walking on a sandy beach. Every step was a struggle and by the end of the short walk, we were weary, but we did not get a suntan.

We did see evidence of snow removal equipment around today, including this wee sidewalk beasty…

Sidewalk and multi purpose path snow removal machine

…so we each donned one of our 4 coats in the front closet, added snow cleats to our boots, in case we found ice….

…and set off through the latest version of a winter wonderland.

Shadows from strong winter sun.
Taking a break on a park bench.

The wee sidewalk beastie had already been around our usual paths.

Animal tracks were everywhere and it looks like some dog frolicking may have been going on.

People tracks too. Not sure why anyone would want to plow through deep snow on foot, but I do recall doing this as a kid. The cross country ski tracks had already been set by the staff from the nearby high school and it looked like conditions were great, but nobody was out skiing.

the wind was coming out of the East this day, not usual
after the recent cold snap, this should be changed to thick ice
our picnic table awaits
still clearing city parking lots and streets
snow packed by foot traffic
side streets not yet plowed, may still wait for another snowfall or two
snowy playground waiting for school to be out (and likely warmer weather)

12 thoughts on “January 23/20 – Sometimes if You Want to Make it Through a Long, Snowy Winter, You Need to Get Plowed!

  1. O my goodness, that’s a lot of snow, indeed, yet incredibly beautiful at the same time. Winters in Latvia used to be so harsh and so snowy that no snow cleats would help if you needed to go from point A to point B. That’s why we always kept ashes from our fireplace and every morning, after shoveling driveways, we would sprinkle it on the frozen roads. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful winter photos and have a good day. Aiva

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    1. Given that I no longer commute to work, I find the snowfall beautiful (after I have shovelled). So nice to not be in traffic chaos. It is beautiful. I remember scatter ashes from our wood cooking stove onto the paths to the barn, when I was living on the farm. You are most welcome. Glad you are enjoying the snowy scenes. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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  2. Ours always seems to be so impacted by the wind — huge hard drifts. Then there are spots that have little snow as it’s all blown away. The roads for my commutes have all been good this year so far. Its main thoroughfare all the way to downtown so I’m lucky to not get mired in that side street yuk.

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    1. Wind has been an issue here as well this year. How can 1 cm of snow turn into meter high drifts? Luckily, we did not get high winds with the recent fluff. As to the side streets, the poetic justice is that our city just picked up the windrows on our major streets before this one hit. Looking at them now, you would never know that. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


  3. I’m impressed with the amount of snow you have there! We have much less here. In some places after the recent snowfall and drifting, the snow was mid calf height and I know this because a cat got stuck in the neighbor’s tree and since I needed a reason to wear my boots this year, I jumped at the chance to play heroine! It turned out that the cat was not stuck but I enjoyed traipsing through the deep snow just like when I was young 🙂
    There’s some beautiful weather coming, enjoy!

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    1. Yes, no shortage of snow here, but weather is beautiful now with highs of +3 for Thursday. Yes, what was it about our youth, where we enjoyed trudging through the deep snow and now, we just wish it would leave? Thanks for reading Angie. Allan

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    1. Thank you and you are welcome. Yes, it is beautiful right now, if you do not have to drive. Much improved this week, but chance of freezing rain tomorrow night. Yay. I have never been to Chicago, but hope to visit some day. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  4. This is the kind of winter that I prefer: one with lots of snow! I was contemplating about buying some snow cleats or microspikes earlier in the year as I planned to do more winter hiking. They seem like they could be quite useful and less bulky/heavy than snowshoes.

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    1. We find them useful on icy walks and on cleared paths where there is still some snow. Gives you a little extra security. Feels a bit funny walking on bare concrete and in the stores though. We got ours at MEC and they stay on much better than the old ones we had. There is now a whole series of footwear that comes with flip down spikes that look interesting, but pretty pricey. Either way, we will keep tramping on. Thanks for reading. Allan


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