European Vacation – September 24/19 – Nice – Part 17 – Flower Power

On our first trip to Nice in 2011, we had tripped across Confisserie Florian, a chocolate and candy shop extraordinaire. Stupidly, we did not sample much and only bought the chocolate covered orange peel, which was delightful.

The brand started in 1949 in Grasse and opened their store in Old Nice in 1974. Hand crafted chocolates, candies, candied fruits and chocolate bars with flower petals in them were their specialties.

We stopped back again in 2017, this time buying the candied orange peel , as well as a dark chocolate bar with rose petals in it. We cherished that chocolate bar all around Europe, as we slowly consumed it, one square at a time.

Was it any wonder, our thoughts again turned to Florian, as we wandered alongside Lympia Port on this trip? We hoped the store was still there, so we could share it with J & F. Not to worry. It was still there and better than ever. There were also plenty of free samples to try. Samples savoured, purchases made, we went on our way.

Flower Power

Chocolate petals,

fruit jellies, pastilles and more.

Florian delight.

Tasty delights for sale
Candied fruit jellies
Fruit pastilles and other delights
and again
Special containers and displays
The exterior

6 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 24/19 – Nice – Part 17 – Flower Power

  1. Can’t believe we never made an effort to venture inside the shops, but then again we were loaded full with freshly baked breads and pastries leaving practically no room for much else. I swear we arrived home with a few extra kilos! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day, Allan!

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    1. We were looking for this one and our fellow travellers enjoyed it as well. You are right though. With so much deliciousness around, we would have had to pay overweight passengers fees, had we stopped at them all. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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