January 24/20 – Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Patricia Ravine – Part 1 – the Path

The perfect day, for the perfect walk, on the perfect path, in the perfect place.

The Path





one foot

in front

of the

other foot,

you will be

amazed where your

feet will take

you and the

sights you will see.

Every hike should start with a decorated Christmas tree.

3 benches, no waiting…
…to take those first steps…
…but, tread carefully…
…into this Winter Wonderland…
…for your path may take a few twists and turns…
…but determination will pay off…
…allowing time for reflection…
…and enlightenment…
…in a life with ups and downs…
…where the going may get tough…
…and the tough may get going…

…along the way, you will see signs…

…that life may throw a few curves at you, but, don’t waste time going in circles…
…just keep walking…
…until you find your right path.

2 thoughts on “January 24/20 – Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Patricia Ravine – Part 1 – the Path

  1. I was reading the other day about aging well — a doctor started studying her elderly (in their 90’s) parents and the only thing she came up with was the they walked in nature everyday. Doesn’t seem crazy at all really — just a connection to the world around us — one that it seems so many people have lost.

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    1. I think the article is spot on. Getting out for a walk is good for the heart and walking in nature is good for the soul. We are suffering a bit these days thanks to a bout of freezing rain. One step forward, two steps back, so to speak. We ended up going mall walking, which satisfies the exercise part. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


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