January 24/20 – Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Patricia Ravine – Part 2 – ATTENTION to Detail

All too often, we race or plod our way through life, focused only on the big picture, ignoring the many tiny, important details along the way. This can be a mistake, as we may miss something significant, unless we “stop to smell the roses”, “wake up and smell the coffee”, etc.

On our hikes, I try to look beyond the splendour of the big picture and capture some of these tiny details. This allows me to take it slower for a more enjoyable experience. Hope you enjoy the “details” from our hike through Patricia Ravine and beyond. It was a glorious winter day. I have assigned a thought to each. Thanks for sauntering along with me.

…a soft hug can take away that hollow feeling
…don’t let life’s problems stump you
…don’t leave before the time is right
…good things come in small packages
…we can all get along together, if we try
…inner beauty will always shine through
…don’t be afraid to explore your life, even if you feel you will be left behind
…togetherness can overcome loneliness
…the current of life ebbs and flows
…don’t be afraid to resist conformity
…stay in it for the long run
…stand tall above the rabble
…don’t be afraid to stand out
…let your voice be heard
…make inroads where you can
…take time to reflect
…branch out
…look for deeper meaning
…train your mind
…hang in there just a little longer
…keep everyone posted
…living is an art

22 thoughts on “January 24/20 – Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Patricia Ravine – Part 2 – ATTENTION to Detail

  1. That’s why I love your photographs so much, Allan, because of your ability to capture little every details that make up the world around us! Fantastic post and fantastic photos! I loved your last collection of photos too, but wasn’t able to express that as your comment section was switched off. Thanks for sharing, I hope you had a lovely weekend 😊 Aiva

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    1. Thanks so much, Aiva. Patty often asks me what my post will be about and may answer is always the same…”I won’t know until I see the photos.” I got three posts out of that walk. Not sure why comments were switched off on that one. Will go in and take a look. Thanks for letting me know, Aiva and have a great week. Good weather here right now, but after the freezing rain, walking is an adventure. Allan

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    1. Thankyou. No snow here recently, instead freezing rain. Things are a bit hazardous here right now as we do the penguin shuffle to the store. Thanks for the compliments and for reading and commenting. Allan

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    1. Thank you. Absolutely. Rushing to get somewhere can often be a disappointment, when we think back to the sights we merely glanced at as we raced by. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


    1. Agreed. I am glad to be off the hamster wheel in that regard. Thank you for your kind comments. I never know what words will come to mind until I see the pix. Thanks for stopping by Bernie. Allan


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