January 26/20 – Clifford E. Lee Sanctuary – Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

I do not think we have ever walked the trails in this sanctuary in the deep of winter before. This day, we found ourselves in West Edmonton and it was just a short jog out to Highway 60 that runs from Acheson to Devon and right by the sanctuary turn off road. The parking lot was mobbed, but we managed to grab a spot just as a car was leaving. After attaching our ice cleats to our hikers, we were off. The hike was marvelous in this light at this time of year.

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

On a warm winter day with nary a breeze,

not a care in the world, feeling quite at ease,

we set off to hike with no fear of deep freeze.

Rounding each pathway corner, fine views did please,

red squirrels chattering, popping out to tease

and faint birdsong rang out from small chickadees.

Wistfully wishing we had strapped on our skis,

before walking out in snow up to our knees.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

the boardwalk


Snow hummocks

looks like a flying squirrel to me

Leaving your mark

Strange snow/ice formations. I call the last one tsunami.

Snow covered meadows

The details

The forest and the pathways.

The trees. In this case, white or paper birch.

14 thoughts on “January 26/20 – Clifford E. Lee Sanctuary – Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

    1. Will gladly send you some. Supposed to be more this week and I am shovelling the driveway and walks for a neighbour who is in Hawaii for a month. Good planning on his part. Glad you saw something in the formations. We have friends from England who are always looking for shapes in nature. Kind of a fun game. Tanks for reading Bernie. Allan


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