February 10/20 – PLEASE, make it STOP!!!!!!!!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posts from the idyllic French Riviera to bring you this important news flash. It is F’ing winter in our neck of the woods. It is supposed to be cold and snowy, right?

We had our cold spell in January and it passed in 6 days. We got our normal allotment of snow over the first couple of months, but, today, a further 15 cm (6 inches) of snow was bequeathed to us over a period of about 12 hours (most of it in the first 6 hours). My beloved and I shoveled walks and driveways at 8 AM, again at 11 AM and yet again at 7:00 PM.

I know, I know, there will be snow, in this area, at this time of year, but not this much snow! My neighbours definitely know the perfect time to leave for their month in Hawaii.

Sighhhh. But, as my Patty always says, “Its so beeyouteafulllll? She is right and it was, in fact beautiful for about 20 minutes, at lunch time. That is when the snow stopped (briefly) and the sun came out. I sprang into action to capture some photos before wind and sun pushed all the prettiness onto the ground and walks and driveways.

So, enjoy. We will be back in the South of France on Thursday. Wish I was there, friggin’ now.

snow out the back door…
snow out the front door…

Snow laden tree branches

It’s so fluffy
Today’s dump
in between periods of shoveling, kinda makes you want to go outside
you can see the pock marks in the snow, where lumps of snow have already dropped off the trees
brief sunny interlude
Canadian, eh?

Pining for spring, yet?

fluffy, white art

It is so beautiful, but so is the bright green of spring.

22 thoughts on “February 10/20 – PLEASE, make it STOP!!!!!!!!

    1. Yikes. You are right. -1 here yesterday, -21 this AM. The sun has heat when it shines, but there is so much white, it just reflects back into the sky. Spring will come…..I hope. Stay warm Lynette. Allan


    1. Yes, after the 2nd bout of shovelling, I did manage to find the beauty. It is hard to deny and I was lucky not to have to join the car curling commute chaos from yesterday. I do like winter, when it is sunny, I am indoors and with a good coffee in hand. -1 for a high yesterday, -21 this AM and still more snow to shovel. Yay. Thanks for your kind comments and for reading Aiva. Allan


  1. I was making my hour long drive along 26 the other day heading to the city for work and I realized that I could see parts of the fields that were showing. So, if you’re looking for a place to send all the snow, the farmers in this area will greatly appreciate it because I’m worried that if we don’t get much more we will end up with dry crops and more forest fires and all the trouble that comes along with both of those 😦
    Your wife is 100% correct though when she says it is “beeyouteafulllll”

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    1. Hoping we can even out the drought/snow soon. Here, the snow will hinder the farmers from getting off what is left of last year’s harvest. A lot of crop is still in the swath. As my Dad always said, farming is a Next Year business. Thanks for reading and commenting Angie. Allan

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    1. I can take the cold and snow better than I can the heat and humidity. Just looking at our Jan. 2014 pix from Cairns and recalling how uncomfortable it was. Even our sweat had sweat. Thanks for reading Lyn. Allan

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    1. Wish we could send some your way. Here, it will hamper the farmers as a lot of last year’s harvest is still in the fields. Hoping for a drier harvest season here, this year. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan


    1. The weather is crazy all over the map. But, if I had my choice I would still deal with the snow over the heavy rain and flooding faced in some areas. All this moisture will be good for my garden and the forest fire season, in any event. Thanks for reading and commenting, T. Allan

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    1. I wish you did too. It was a magical 20 minutes after I stopped shoveling for the 2nd time. As long as the roads and streets are safe to drive on, the snow is fine, but over 600 collisions in 2 days is not a good thing. More snow/possible freezing rain coming tonight. Yay? Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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      1. Me either! I’m really fighting off the bad words,lol. I can see Spring in the sky but then it snows! Grrr! I hope by some miracle you guys didn’t get the dump of it last night!

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