February 9/20 – Silver Skate Festival, Edmonton, Alberta

Silver Skate Festival is the longest running winter festival in Edmonton, celebrating its 30th year in 2020. It started as a small festival, but grew into a very popular event with visitors coming from around the world. It runs for 10 days in February, this year from February 7-17.

We popped down to William Hawrelak Park to take a look today, which is also known as Birkie Sunday (an ancillary event to the Canadian Birkebeiner 31 km and 55 km cross country ski tours held on Saturday, February 8, east of Edmonton).

In addition to this event, Canada’s only Ice Castle was doing a brisk business, snow carvers were at work, a snow ball hockey rink had been set up for those who wanted to play and of course, there was plenty of space to skate on the lake. While there were a few speed skaters making the rounds, the speed skating races happen on the last weekend.

Several Indigenous peoples displays had been set up and were offering crafts and events for any who were interested.

Attendance last year was low due to a February cold snap. Today was warmer, but the wind was howling out of the NE, making the 0 degree C temp feel more like -10 C. We had a good walk and wander. It is just good to be outside of our own little city for a change. Here are the pix.

Birkie Sunday

The Ice Castle exterior

Snow carvings and carvers


Needing a sense of direction?
Snow carving area
snow wall and event tents
down a slippery slope
more choices
winter camping?
2 wheeled winter transportation
Patty warms up in front of a snow campfire
park entrance
event banners were flapping this way…
…and that
winter playground snow fun

8 thoughts on “February 9/20 – Silver Skate Festival, Edmonton, Alberta

    1. No worries keeping the snow and ice here for a while, I am afraid. Hope to get into the Ice Castle in a week or so and will post on that. The snow and ice carvers are amazing. Thanks for reading Crystal and enjoy the warmth. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. They have had better luck with the castle and sculptures not melting this year. Hope it all hangs around long enough, so our out of town guests can see it in the next 10 days. Thanks for reading and commenting Lyn. Allan


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