January 30/20 – Gleam

It rained here on the night of the 29th, in fact it poured for more than half an hour. This is never good when the air temperature is below 0 degrees C and the high winds push temperatures even lower. Fortunately, we did not have to commute for work and could watch the show….until I tried to walk, er slide down my driveway. Back into the garage to grab some grit to spread on the walks and driveway to make them safe, but a bit messy. Bring on spring.

I did manage to get out while the morning sun was shining, to capture some photos of the tree jewels left behind. Like snowflakes, no two were alike.


Freezing rain’s a pain

on all the streets and sidewalks.

Trees gleaming with drops.

the overview
2 for 1
hmmmm, maybe icicles on Christmas trees really are a thing
long drop #1 (not in a Down Unda way)
long drop #2 (also, not in a Down Unda way)
slow falling rain?
obviously, the wind was blowing during the rain shower
crystal drop
the drip capturing the drops

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