European Vacation – September 28 to October 1/19 – Trim, Ireland – Part 1 – Caravogue House B & B – At Home

This post is about my own personal experience and I have neither solicited nor received any compensation for my opinion on the B & B or the rental car.

Before I get into the details on this place, I thought I should fill in the gap between our departure from Nice and our arrival in Trim.

Our plane touched down in Dublin around 5:20 PM on the 28th. We were quickly through customs and immigration and on to the baggage carousel, where we said our goodbyes to J & F, who were heading home to Collon, while we traveled to Trim to see another branch of my Patty’s family.

Luggage in tow, we left the terminal, crossed the street and entered the parkade, quickly finding the rental car offices. I had reserved a rental car through before leaving home. The deal I took was a Budget deal offered through For $86 CAD plus taxes, I rented a mid size car with unlimited mileage for a week. I also took the optional 3rd party CDW coverage with $0 deductible for $112 CAD. Contrast this with a deal direct from Avis for a compact car for 3 days at $250 and I was feeling pretty good.

I checked in at Budget, they found my deal, I signed my name a zillion times, before they gave me a document to sign, stating I had declined all of their optional coverages. Then they advised me that they were placing a 5,000 Euro hold on my credit card. Yikes.

Signed and sealed, we headed out the back door to wait for the shuttle bus to the rental car parking lot. 10 minute later, the van arrived and we loaded in for more waiting, signing and inspecting, before we recieved the keys to our rental car, an almost new Renault Megane hatchback. It was now growing dark, so we quickly took photos of any damage we noticed and set off for Trim.

We dove out of the lot, through several roundabouts and onto the motorway. Along the way, I had a bit of difficulty with the shift pattern on the 6 speed manual in this car. Keep in mind that while the food pedal placement is the same, the stick shift is on the left side, rather than the right side like home. But, this was not the problem. The shift gates were very close together for 1 and 3 and I kept hitting 3 when I was trying to start off. At one point, I stalled it in an intersection and the car horns started honking.

Finally, I got it right and we were off, through one manual toll gate and into Trim. Our Irish SIM card was still not allowing the phone to function and my 5 year old GPS chip could not find the address for the B & B.

Now, we had been here before, so this should not have been that difficult, but with fatigue, darkness and our tech-flawlogy, we were struggling. Finally, I thought I saw the corner, I turned the right way and there it was. Phewww.

We checked into the B & B only a few minutes past our appointed time and got ourselves settled, before calling local Cousin J to let him know we were in town. He came for a visit and once he left, we collapsed into bed.

We had stayed in this same place in 2017, when it was the Castleview B & B. When I booked accommodation for Trim, the place was no longer listed and I booked into a place that had a “lively” Gastro Pub attached. I was not happy with this, as I could only imagine how loud the bar at Brogans might be on a Saturday night. About a month before we started our trip, I was checking and saw a familiar listing, but under a different name. Even though it was more expensive, I booked immediately.

Now some details about the place

  • comfortable home with large bedroom and private bathroom
  • free parking
  • free Wi-fi
  • full cooked breakfast was included
  • Price for 2 people for 3 nights was $511 CAD

And now for the pix.

Exterior shot and parking area
Someone’s at the door
View from the balcony
The full Irish (notice, no black or white pudding, as we opted out)
Balcony artistry by spider
Not sure what these birds were up to on top of the chimney on the adjacent home
Our rental car with the reluctant gearbox or the shifty driver

9 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 28 to October 1/19 – Trim, Ireland – Part 1 – Caravogue House B & B – At Home

  1. I don’t even remember when was the last time visited Trim! I know they have a beautiful castle where Mel Gibson’s Braveheart was filmed. Can’t wait to see more photos from your trip around Ireland. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva

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