Slippery Saunter – February 7/20

The walks and trails were still pretty slippery after the freezing rain, but we donned our ice cleats and set off nonetheless. Tired of the same, old-same old, we started off on our usual route, but took a different path, thus some different territory and a few different sights, like this shed snow tsunami.

10 thoughts on “Slippery Saunter – February 7/20

    1. The snow is so beautiful. Finally temps are warming here +8 on Friday last. Will be posting on our trip to the mountains in Banff/Canmore area soon. That was truly beautiful. Hope the rain as not been too harsh in your area. I know there has been a lot of flooding. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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    1. I have not been snow shoeing since I was a Scout leader. We were supposed to try it while we were in Banff, but ran out of time. I really like the new snow shoes, better than the old tennis racquet style. Thanks for reading Bernie. Hope all is well. Allan


  1. Incredible snow photos, Allan! They make me happy every time. I suppose there’s no sign of spring in your part of the world yet? We are already seeing a grand stretch in the evening, which is a familiar topic of conversation at the end of February, but we are still holding on to our winter coats! Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva

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    1. We have had a few days of good sun here with highs near +8 and the days are getting longer, so spring is coming. But, we have no illusion. Winter will come back at least once or twice. Had a great last 3 days with company and trips to the mountains. Watch for those snow posts. They will blow your mind. Hope all is well, Aiva. Allan


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