European Vacation – October 1/19 – Trim, Ireland – Part 4 – Hill of Tara – King Maker

The Hill of Tara is a hill and ancient ceremonial and burial site near Skryne in County Meath. According to tradition, it was the inauguration place and seat of the High Kings of Ireland. The site dates from the Neolithic-Iron Age between 3,200 and 12,000 years ago. It consists of numerous monuments and earthworks and includes a passage tomb, burial mounds, round enclosures, a standing stone and a ceremonial avenue.


The site is open from 10 AM to 6 PM, 7 days a week from mid May to mid September and there is no admission charge.


On our way out of Trim, we headed to the Hill of Tara, hoping to see it in a different light from last time, when it was grey and rainy. Let me just say that this visit was no different….well….it was different….it was even greyer and wetter.

We were there on October 1 and the hill was open, but the interpretive film was not running, which was a pity. The grass and paths were definitely squishy and we were the only ones foolish enough to go splash around. Still, in all, it was a good visit.

At the entrance gate.

The long (and wet) views.

Tough to keep the rain drops off the camera lens

The details

Mound of the Hostages – the passage tomb
Grave marker and standing stone
Sheep in the mist
It was a wee bit wet by the standing stone (Stone of Destiny)
Entrance to the passage tomb – built between 3,350 and 2,800 BCE
the view into the passage tomb
water drops on foliage
berry tree
statue of Saint Patrick – patron saint of Ireland (387-461) – he was never canonized
Saint Patrick’s Church (3rd on this site) dates from 1822

8 thoughts on “European Vacation – October 1/19 – Trim, Ireland – Part 4 – Hill of Tara – King Maker

  1. The Hill of Tara is an amazing place to visit, especially if you are interested in Irish mythology! Although it could be hard to appreciate the site from the ground level in pouring rain, its well for the trip out in the countryside! Thanks for sharing, Allan and have a lovely Day. Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The first time we were here, it was magical. A woman was sitting on the misty hill in an Aran knit sweater playing the flute. She was the most Irish thing we had ever seen, except, she was from Alaska. Still magical. Thanks for reading. Allan


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