A Journey to Better Health

This is a radical departure for my posts and it is not my story, but it is a story that does affect me. I am neither promoting nor advocating this medical treatment, but simply explaining how it has impacted our lives.

My bride of more than 42 years began experiencing unexplained pain (no, it was not husband related) early on in our marriage and over time, the pain continued to make her life more and more difficult. At its worst, she had trouble sleeping through the night, needed to do over 15 minutes of stretches just to be able to get out of bed and then a further half hour on a yoga mat to stretch out the rest of her aches and pains, so she could get on with her day.

One day, eight years ago, just by pure happenstance, she found herself visiting someone in a local hospital and saw a notice for an upcoming lecture by Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, an endocrinologist from Southern California, who specializes in the study of Fibromyalgia.

She attended the lecture and was amazed by how accurately Dr. St. Amand was able to describe what she was going through, without ever having met her. She became overwhelmed, realizing that she was not imagining her pain and that there was hope for an improved quality of life.

She came back home from the meeting, bouncing off the walls with excitement and talked about the experience for weeks. Frankly, I must admit, I thought it was all hokum. What did I know? I was not living her pain.

She purchased Dr. St. Amand’s book ” What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia: The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease”. His extensive research found that Fibromyalgia was a genetic kidney disease, whereby the body is unable to excrete phosphate and this phosphate builds up on nerves and joints throughout the body, causing a variety of effects and also worsening arthritis symptoms.

She immediately started to embrace the treatment protocol it taught, changed the makeup and skin care products she used, stopped ingesting mint and drinking tea, ordered and took the recommended medication and attended every Fibrofree meeting that came along in the Edmonton area. She was and still is dedicated to getting better.

Her doctors were not always supportive, but told her that the medication would cause her no harm, so she could go ahead. She urged anyone she came across that had similar symptoms to get mapped to see if they had Fibromyalgia. Some listened, but many were annoyed at the suggestion and it quickly became a non topic.

The improvements were not immediate and I remained skeptical. Bit by bit, changes started to occur, she could sit in a car for more than half an hour without pain, she was able to stop the pain meds she did not want to take, she started sleeping through the night and then one day, she was able to get out of bed without the lengthy exercise protocol. This was a real turning point for both of us. So many of the other things I was unaware she had been suffering with, were disappearing one by one.

I tell you all of this because Dr. St. Amand, now 93 is about to retire from his more than 64 year career. He is not retiring because he wants to, but because his much younger staff want to retire. At 93, he walks 7 miles a day, works a 5 day 9-5 work week, teaches three classes at UCLA and is still a vibrant, caring person. He, too has Fibromyalgia and has been living his protocol for years, to the point that you would be unaware he ever had Fibromyalgia.

My lovely bride wanted to thank Dr. St. Amand in person. She joined a group of other Canadians who have been helped by the protocol, on a recent trip to LA. She also had a consultation and Dr. St. Amand was able to confirm that she was making good progress on the protocol. She has again been bouncing off the walls for the past week and who can blame her.

coming into LA
Dr. St. Amand
There is hope

I am no longer a skeptic. I have my wife back. Yes, she still suffers from the pain of arthritis, as this malady can not be reversed, but we travel, we walk, we hike and we generally enjoy our life together.

If you or someone you know suffers from this disease you may want to find out more about this protocol. My wife, is very glad she did.

If you are interested, the book is called “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia: The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease “

8 thoughts on “A Journey to Better Health

  1. It’s wonderful when you find a cure and you’re able to enjoy life. Too many people think that having pain is part of getting older and give up. Never give in!

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    1. It seems more common than one would think. My poor Patty got the gene from both parents, so the double whammy. If your friends need verification, there is an RN in Edmonton who does the mapping to determine if Fibro is the issue. My wife knows the full scoop and would be pleased to answer any questions that may come up. Cheers. Allan

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