European Vacation – October 3/19 – Wexford, Ireland – Hook Head Journey – Part 1 – Dollar Bay

The day started off windy and grey, with just a hint of sunrise. The effects of Hurricane Lorenzo were supposed to start being felt in Ireland around 10:30 – 11:00 AM. The main point of contact was going to be on the West Coast, but there would be rain and wind in varying degrees all over Ireland.

So, what does one do with their day in Ireland when a hurricane is expected? Why, they head for the coast and one of the windiest places near Wexford of course. Today, we were going to Hook Point to see the oldest operating lighthouse in the world (next post).

Agfter a delicious buffet breakfast in the Talbot Hotel and near the end of the Wexford rush hour, we climbed into our rental car and headed South and West to Hook Peninsula and ultimately Hook Head with its lighthouse. The drive was only about 50 minutes, mostly along narrow winding roads through the pretty countryside.

Along the way, we spied a narrow, sandy road down to the seaside and turned down it. Always good to take your rental car for an adventure, I say. The road got steeper and narrower and soon popped out at the prettiest bay.

We parked the car and got out to have a look. Just then, the sun popped out. That was a good omen.

We hiked the short distance down the path to the beach and stood for a while taking it all in, the sunshine, the sound of the waves, the wind in the grasses.

We could feel the wind strengthening and the skies were quickly shrouded in grey clouds to the South, pushing the blue sky further and further North. Likely, time to move on.

Patty suggested I back up the track to the road. I did not relish the thought of meeting someone either coming down or as I backed onto the main road, so did a series of back and forths to turn the car around. I had to keep in mind, there was the drop off to the shore on one side and a steep hillside on the other. Not to worry though…with the backup camera and the proximity sensors, the car would not let me even run into a blade of grass, without warning me.

Soon enough, we were on our way up the hill and back onto the road to Hook Head.

The “road”???

6 thoughts on “European Vacation – October 3/19 – Wexford, Ireland – Hook Head Journey – Part 1 – Dollar Bay

  1. Ireland is always so beautiful before, during and after the storms! I think it’s the energy and natural forces that can easily create an everlasting effect. Can’t wait to see what did you get up to at the Hook Head Lighthouse, it’s one of the most beautiful places and lighthouses in Ireland. Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend, Allan. 😊😊😊 Aiva

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