European Vacation – October 4/19 – Wexford to Collon, Ireland – Part 1 – Powerscourt Estate and Gardens

The time had come for us to leave our comfortable room in the Talbot Hotel in Wexford and return our convenient Renault Megane rental car. We were heading to Collon to spend our last few days in Ireland with F & J, who had toured Italy and France with us.

On the way, we hoped to visit Powerscourt Estate and Gardens, if only the weather would cooperate. We had tried to visit on our way to Wexford, but it was bucketing down rain and there was no point.

Pulling out of the parking lot, the weather looked promising, but as we drove further North, the rain started and at times become torrential. Hmmmm, I did not have a good feeling about this.

Nearing Powerscourt, the rain abated and we decided to make the visit.

Powerscourt Estate and Gardens is located in Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland and is a large country estate known for its house and landscaped gardens, occupying 19 hectares (47 acres).

The house was originally a 13th century castle and was extensively altered between 1731 and 1741. A fire in 1974 left the house a shell, until it was renovated in 1996.

In 1844, Mervyn Wingfield, 7th Viscount Powerscourt inherited the title and estate (then 200 square kilometersor 49,000 acres) at the age of 8. At the age of 21, he embarked on an extensive renovation of the house and created the gardens.


Today Powersourt has been voted #3 of the top 10 gardens in the world.

We managed to pull off our visit without getting wet and despite rushing a bit, we were glad we stopped. Here are the pix.

Outside the gardens and showing the adjacent golf course

The house inside and out

The grounds, details and statuary

The flowers

the trees and pet cemetery

The fountains and ponds

The Japanese Garden

Bits and pieces

13 thoughts on “European Vacation – October 4/19 – Wexford to Collon, Ireland – Part 1 – Powerscourt Estate and Gardens

    1. Thanks. We have been very lucky and based on current events, it looks like we were lucky we traveled when we did. I love reading of your adventures too. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  1. Wow — worth the stop for sure. A hidden gem I had never heard of. Do you do extensive book or on line research before you go and have an itinerary or just luck of the draw at what you run across. I think I know the answer but will be interesting to hear your answer.

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    1. I agree. I would like to see this place in all the different seasons. I can only imagine the Japanese garden in spring. I do extensive book and on line research when planning these trips. I create a shopping list of what we would like to do/see and put in on the schedule for each place. If the weather is rainy, we can choose an indoor one, if the weather is gorgeous, an outdoor one. We never hit them all, but that is not the point, the point is to have choices and see what we feel like on the day. I used to try to cram everything in, but seeing it all can be exhausting and you miss the small stuff. Thanks for reading and asking Bernie. Allan

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