European Vacation – October 4/19 – Wexford to Collon, Ireland – Part 2 – Powerscourt Waterfall

This is the tallest waterfall in Ireland at 121 meters and used to be part of the Powerscourt Estate. It is located on the River Dargle that flows through Wicklow County.

There is a 6 Euro admission fee to view the waterfall. Access is by a narrow road through a forest surrounded by the Wicklow Mountains.

A quick stop here and we would be off to Dublin Airport to return the car.

Time started closing in on us and we soon drove out of the parking lot and back to the Motorway for the run into Dublin and the airport.

It was a Friday afternoon and traffic was picking up as we passed by Dublin on our way on the car return at the airport. Prior to dropping the car off, we had to find a petrol station or pay 2 1/2 times the going rate for fuel, if we dropped it of empty at Budget.

We had a lead on the gas station, but no knowledge of which exact road to take to get to it.

Try #1 – I turned off too early and had to do the whole loop again.

Try #2 – I went one road further up and with a bit of maneuvering, got it right this time.

Tank filled, we headed for Budget and joined the drop off queue. We were out of the car and signed off in no time. A lot better outcome than the hassle we had faced with Sixt in Iceland.

Now all we had to do was find J and F for our ride. Across the acres and acres of cars, we finally saw them, and piled into their car, luggage and all. Now, with someone else driving, I could finally relax.

Back in Collon, F quickly whipped up a tasty fish and chips supper for us. God, it was good to be home!

14 thoughts on “European Vacation – October 4/19 – Wexford to Collon, Ireland – Part 2 – Powerscourt Waterfall

    1. Scotland is beautiful. I have been to Scotland twice, the first in 1977 on my honeymoon and the last in 2008. We connected with my family on both trips. Grampa on my Mom’s side was from near Edinburgh and I still have relatives in Wick. I have to get back some day.

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    1. My biggest fears on our first attempt in the driving rain was that I would grind the passenger side of the car off on the stone fences. The 2nd attempt was easier as I could see where I was going. Thanks for reading and commenting Angie. Allan


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