February 18/19 – Winterlude Part 2 – Canmore, Alberta

I know I have posted on Canmore before, but here is a refresher for my new readers.

Canmore is a Rocky Mountain town about 50 miles (81 km) west of Calgary. It was officially named in 1884 by Canadian Pacific Railway director Donald A Smith, who named it for Malcolm III of Scotland, whose nickname was Canmore, from the Gaelic “Ceann  Mór” for “Big Head”).

In 1886, Queen Victoria granted a coal mining charter to the town and the Number 1 mine opened in 1887. In the 1890s, a Northwest Mounted Police barracks was established on Main Street, but it was vacated in 1927.

Canmore was incorporated as a village in 1965 and as a town in 1966. Population as of the 2016 census was listed as 13,992.

(Source: Wikipedia)

With its fine mountain scenery and laid back outdoorsy, lifestyle it has become a tourist destination, with numerous condos and timeshares being built. I will leave you with these views:

a festive atmosphere
Canmore Clock Tower
Mountain splendour
Snowy peaks
Main Street
Canmore Hotel, completed in 1890 is the 2nd oldest continuously operating hotel in Alberta
close up
views from the shops
The heights
Wintery branches
politically insensitive named mountain feature
you can almost reach out and touch the peaks
The Three Sisters peaks, Big Sister (Faith), Middle Sister (Charity) and Little Sister (Hope). They were originally called the Three Nuns as a fresh coat of snow made them look like nuns with white veils
Winter sun glow

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