February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 5 – Its Gonna Be a Bright, Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day

Back to my first Winterlude post, when sister L asked about the gondola, I only came up with Sulphur Mountain in Banff. I knew Sunshine Village operated a gondola for skiers and snow boarders in the winter and sightseers in the summer. I did not know they also also offered a sightseeing option in the winter.

After a bit of research, I determined that us Seniors (60 and older) could take the gondola up Sunshine for $40 CAD plus tax. Once at the top, you could also ride the Standish and Angel quads to the top of each lift for the views. While the pass did not permit you to wear any ski equipment, they allowed us to take a small day pack and our trekking poles. Given there was 6 feet of settled snow on the slopes, stepping off the groomed areas could cause a sinking feeling.

base of gondola lift
lining up for tickets
the view from here
…all round
in the gondola queue
still smiling
Jack Frost was here
where did I put my ice scraper
Yup, we were there too
still climbing
almost there
snowy wonderland
gully view
photo op at 7082 feet ASL
Ooops, perhaps we should have read the fine print.

8 thoughts on “February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 5 – Its Gonna Be a Bright, Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day

  1. We love going on the gondola rides whenever we find ourselves near mountains. We don’t have such a thing in Ireland and the views are usually superb. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are doing well, Allan. Have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. A day in the mountains is good. A day on the mountains is great. You are welcome. Thanks for reading Aiva. Heading home from Vancouver tomorrow, in a rental car. Staying away from airports and people as we drive 1200 km. We are well and hope the same for you and your family. Allan


    1. It was a little frosty at the bottom, but about -7 and almost calm, with full sun, at the top, so not too bad at all. It is like a software license, just click yes and move on. But, this is the first time that a liftee told us he would not stop us, if we went out of bounds though. An added level of danger. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan

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  2. It looks like there were a lot of people out to ski. Seems like it was a nice sunny day to do it even though it was a bit chilly, at least in Atlanta terms. I love how colorful the gondolas are there.

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    1. Sister L reminds me of the old classic Doc Savage movie. Whenever Doc Savage smiled, there was a gleam from his teeth. Glad to see such smiling faces. Thanks for reading. Allan


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