February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 7 – Fools on the Hill

Could have been altitude sickness or maybe we were just giddy with the beautiful day. What a glorious day in the Rockies!

L & L Hello from the Great White North
High on a mountain top

Fooling around

Lets go this way
This is where I hiked in July 2019
Don’t jump
There is a bank, but I don’t see any ATM
The group
L, the Abominable Snowman
Where did we put our skis
Up to my hubcaps in snow. Settled snow base is 72″
I can touch Mount Assiniboine

L gets in way too deep. The first shot is staged, but the rest showed he had a real breakthrough.

13 thoughts on “February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 7 – Fools on the Hill

    1. Must admit, it would have been nice to be skiing. However, my beloved’s knees are no longer up to it and I was happy just to be up there walking side by side. Thanks for reading Bernie. allan


    1. It was hilarious every time one of us stepped off the trail into deep snow. Patty took a video of me stumbling back from my photo shoot. Neither she nor I could stop laughing. I highly recommend a trip up Sunshine in winter or in summer. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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