February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 8 – Sunshine Resort – Snow White

At the top of Standish, the liftee let us know that we could cross the Out of Bounds line, as long as we stayed on the packed snow and in view. No worries. I walked this area with a 40 pound pack in July 2019. I was not interested in struggling through deep snow, even without a pack.


Not too much to say

on this splendid day,

high atop Sunshine,

a spot so sublime

white snow, sky of blue,

just take in the view.

6 thoughts on “February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 8 – Sunshine Resort – Snow White

    1. Sunshine was always my least favourite ski hill. Every time we skied there, the morning started off great and we skied our butts off. Lunch time came and we would go in for lunch and then come out to find cloud had moved in and the light was incredibly flat. Given the lack of trees on many of the runs, it was difficult to see if you were simply skiing over a mogul or if it was a 30 foot drop. The skies on our visit were sunny and clear and the snow as fresh and deep. It would have been perfect. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Stay well. Allan


  1. Wow, I could easily marvel over your winter wonderland photos every single day, Allan! And it always amazes me how much the snow can change the world. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


    1. We could not believe our luck at finding such a magical world on the day we visited Sunshine. We were lucky indeed and even luckier we got to visit before COVID gripped the world. Hope you and your family are staying well on the West Coast. I think travel will be a lot more difficult for the next year or so. Stay well Aiva. Allan

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