February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 9 – Sunshine Resort – Happy Trails

It seemed so odd to be on a ski hill without skis and yet it was somehow very freeing. We got to wander the ski terrain, including the scenic out of bounds zone, where there were very few tracks. We may not have been skiing, but, we did indeed make tracks along two mountain tops, as well as in the Village. Given the altitude, our visitors were out of breath from time to time, but who would not be at over 8,000 feet ASL

Snippets of a Day:

  1. As we were standing on top of Standish lift, a couple of skiers slid by and stopped to chat. The one gentleman paused to say…”see those tracks way over there…I made those. And if you want to wait, I am going to make some more. And they were off.
  2. We stepped off the packed trail several times and were definitely in snow up to our knees.
  3. We were looked on as an oddity by the skiers and boarders for a while, until we explained that our lift ticket only cost $40 while theirs cost $139.
  4. In one photo below, my wife is down on one knee as if she is Telemark skiing. On a slippery slope so to speak.
These tracks appear to be from a mouse or other small rodent
One more hill to climb

8 thoughts on “February 19/19 – Winterlude Part 9 – Sunshine Resort – Happy Trails

    1. Agreed. Anyone who was on the hill that day had perfect conditions. The next day, not so much as winds picked up. I should have pointed to my footsteps toward the snow covered trees and laid claim to them (and all my snow crust breakthroughs), but it would not have been as impressive. Thanks for reading Bernie. Allan

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    1. We had a lot of snow up near Edmonton, but all these pix are above 7,000 feet, so no shortage of snow (72″ – almost 2 meters settled) on the ski hill. Thanks Marcus. It was an awesome day. Hope you are doing well during the current Covid crisis. All the best Allan

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  1. Your post reminds me that it’s been years since the last time I went skiing and although I was never really good at it, it’s a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors. Love your photos and those beautiful mountain views, Allan. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend 😊 Aiva

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    1. I learned to ski about 44 years ago and was competent at times. Over the last few years we have gone infrequently due to cost, time and aches and pains. Our abilities have diminished but we still enjoy it when we get out. Right now, all the ski hills in Canada are shut down due to COVID 19. Pity as they were having a stellar year. You are most welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy your weekend, as well Aiva. Allan

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