May You Live in Interesting Times! – COVID 19 and Travel – Part 3 – The Long and Winding Road That Leads Us to Who Knows Where

By March 17, we were starting to get a bit paranoid that with all the closures, we may have trouble picking up our car on the morning of the 18th. Off to Avis we went to try and ease our concerns. The counter person assured us that he would be there, even if nobody else was and took our cell number in case things changed.

March 18 came early as neither of us slept too well. We were up, showered and breakfasted almost before the kids got up. Breakfast and luggage packed, we were ready to roll the cases the 15 minutes to the rental firm. We said our goodbyes, again without any hugs, but plenty of tears and we were off.

At Avis, our man was indeed on duty and we soon had the keys to a shiny new Elantra. With all the paperwork, key handling and elevator button pushing, we were paranoid about contamination, so prepared for the car sanitation detail. We were worried we might look a bit weird doing this, but a couple ahead of us were already busy doing the same to their rental.

20 minutes later, we were finally underway from downtown Vancouver to our evening destination of Valemount. City streets were strangely quiet and before we knew it, we were crossing the Port Mann Bridge.

Somewhere near Abbotsford

Along the way, we heard about the closure of both Provincial and National park facilities, but thought nothing of it, until we tried to take a rest break at Bridal Falls Park. The gates were closed and locked. Back to the nearest service station (any pot in a storm, ha ha), with wet wipe in hand as a barrier to door handles and the like. Back safe at the car, I took a few photos, before we gelled up and drove away.

The drive went smoothly to Hope and our turn onto the Coquihalla Highway # 5 North. The highways were clear and the day was sunny. Yay. Past the Great Bear snowshed, snow blowers were starting to remove some of the Snirt windrows along the guardrails

Around the time we reached Merritt, our tummies were getting growly and we went in search of an A & W. Surely, the take out window would be open. We ordered and paid (the attendant handed me the pin pad – damn—break in the chain—I punched in and tapped and gelled, before driving away from the window to await delivery of the food to the parking lot. We ate our meal standing next to our car, popped in for a pee break, washed up and carefully pushed the doors open with our feet, before driving away.

The rest of the trip was uneventful.

At Kamloops, we headed North on 5 (Yellowhead) and settled in for the drive. We stopped in Clearwater for a short break and continued on. We would not reach Valemount much before 5:00 PM.

Arriving in Valemount, we checked into our hotel with mixed emotions and hand wipes and gel…..

…before going in search of dinner and libations. We managed to find a takeout pizza place and bottle of Merlot, before heading back to our hotel to dine in. Life was as good as could be expected.

My beloved took most of these photos with her phone, as we drove. Didn’t she do a great job?

To be continued…..

18 thoughts on “May You Live in Interesting Times! – COVID 19 and Travel – Part 3 – The Long and Winding Road That Leads Us to Who Knows Where

    1. In many ways, the trip reminded me of some of the post apocolyptic movies we have seen. The roads were empty and you sometimes felt you were the only ones left. Not a happy feeling. Thanks for reading Marcus. Allan

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  1. It’s strange to see the streets so empty now. As from today, all the hairdresser’s, gyms, theatres and clothing departments are closed down. Introducing stronger measures is the only way to avoid Italian situation which is spiralling out of the control with so many deaths. Stay safe, my friend. As always, I look forward to your next blog post 😊 Aiva

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    1. All restaurants, bars, theatres and gyms were closed here last week. All unnecessary businesses were closed yesterday. They are even talking about closing liquor stores. We are limiting our outings to trips to get groceries (during seniors hours shopping) walks around the neighbourhood keeping far away from everyone. Nobody comes to our home and we do not go into anyone’s homes. We talk to our neighbours from 20 feet away. We laugh about it, but this is serious business. The sooner everyone follows the rules, the sooner it all gets better. South of our border, #45 wants to get everyone back to work. The U.S. is the new Italy and we wish we had a border wall with them. Stay safe friend. Keep on writing and reading and we will get through this together. Allan

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    1. Agreed. Driving in for some groceries yesterday, during what would have been rush hour, there were very few cars out. My son takes the bus to work and there was only one other passenger on the bus in the morning and none at night. And transit is free right now. Keep well friends. Allan

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    1. When this s all over, we will recreate this trip and stop in Valemount for the very same pizza. Maybe a better bottle of wine, but the same pizza. Thanks for reading Lael. Hope all is well with you and your family. Allan

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      1. I love that idea. Making memories already.
        It’s so positive.

        We’re all good, thank you! .A little stressed in the day to day but everything is holding steady. ❤

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