May You Live in Interesting Times! – COVID 19 and Travel – Part 4 – Homeward Bound

Morning came early in Valemount and we were soon headed off for our breakfast. BWP had a solution for keeping their included breakfast safe. All pastries were wrapped in plastic and the hot breakfast was cooked and wrapped in plastic in the kitchen ad delivered by attendants wearing gloves.

Our hunger satisfied, we packed up the car and drove into town in search of a thermometer to mail to our kids. No luck, as the drug store was not open.

We were soon back on the road and headed for Jasper about 90 minutes away. Along the drive, we stopped to enjoy the scenery, including a spectacular view of Mount Robson. We were very thankful when we crossed the BC/Alberta boundary, as there had been some discussion of closing provincial boundaries. Due to COVID 19, the park gates were unmanned and as such, there was no park pass fee.

Soon in Jasper, we opted to stretch our legs by hiking one of our favourite hikes up Pyramid Bench. The day, the trail and the views were glorious and we badly needed to stop sitting in a car and get some exercise. We passed nobody on the trail and only saw one other person in the parking lot.

Special Note: Due to a large influx of Park visitors this past weekend, all National Parks are now closed (as of midnight March 24/13) to everyone, except through traffic, business traffic and residents.

After our hike, we hit the Social Distancing window at Bears Paw Bakery for food and coffees and headed for Talbot Lake for a short picnic.

Time to head home and face reality…………..

12 thoughts on “May You Live in Interesting Times! – COVID 19 and Travel – Part 4 – Homeward Bound

  1. Great pictures! I am so glad they have closed the parks. It seems people lack common sense in light of the pandemic. I read a post yesterday about someone who had travelled from the states and is up in the Bella Colla area. Really??? It’s isolated sure they to get there they saw a lot of people.
    Sorry now I’m ranting on your blog! Today is a day of gratitude and I appreciate your pictures and your stories. Stay safe.

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    1. More people need to take this seriously. I feel really bad for Canmore, now that the parks are closed. I think the one Italian Mayor had it best – stay inside or we will send the police to your house…with flame throwers. I can not believe that some people still think this is nothing more than a common cold. Yes, it is related to the cold virus, but nobody, actually NOBODY has immunity. You may get mild symptoms, you may get severe symptoms and you could die. Stay home, do not get within 2 meters of others, including family who do not live in your house, stop hoarding, stop trying to profit (are you listening #45?) and thank your lucky stars you do not have it and have not shared it if you do. You are welcome to rant Bernie. I am right there with you. Thanks for reading and ranting. Stay well, my friend. Allan


  2. Fantastic photos and beautiful mountain views, Allan. How many miles did you ended up driving? This sounds like a very long yet memorable adventure. Thanks for fueling my wanderlust, it’s been nearly a week since we’ve been in isolation and we’ve learned to come to terms with this year’s cancelled holidays. Staying at home, being positive and productive is the only way forward. Have a good day, my friend 😊 Aiva

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    1. Hi Aiva. This was indeed a memorable journey, for so many reasons. We were filled with gratitude for 1) being able to drive home 2) sunny skies 3) clear roads 4) beautiful mountain views 5) being able to find food and wine 6) our chance to hike. The entire drive was 1,232 km (770 miles) by the time I turned the car back in. Too bad about the cancelled trips. We had nothing booked, so will have to be satisfied with staying home and communicating with friends from far away. We did manage to get out for a walk in the sun today. We saw a few other people out and either waited for them to clear the path or changed directions. Our social exposure was waving and smiling from afar. Are you stuck inside in Ireland or can you walk in isolation? Stay well Aiva. Allan


    1. Another example of how its not about the destination, its about the journey. Under different circumstances, I am not sure this would have been as good, but I hope I soon get the chance to find out. Stay well, friend. Allan

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  3. Seems like such a beautiful drive. Glad you were able to take some pictures along the way. Views of the mountains (especially covered in snow) never get old. I can see why Parks Canada would close the national parks. With everything else closed, spending time outdoors (especially in parks) is really the only other option for people to get a change of scenery from being indoors. But that being said, the whole point of stopping the spread of the pandemic is to not be around other people. Interesting times that we’re in.

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    1. If anything works in this pandemic, it is our sense of timing to get clear mountain roads, blue sunny skies and a chance to see the Rockies. I would trade all that for world health though. Yup, with many people off work and looking for something to do, free admission to the parks was a major draw. Who ever thought that social media would be our friend for getting together while staying apart. Stay well friends. Allan

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