May You Live in Interesting Times! – COVID 19 and Travel – Part 5 – Home at Last

After leaving Jasper, we had an uneventful trip back to Beaumont. In order to prepare for the morning, we stopped in Stony Plain for some Half and Half. With morning coffee, we would be able to cope.

We parked the rental on the driveway and began a planning strategy on how to take all our stuff into the house, without risking contamination. I volunteered for the dirty work of toting it all onto the back deck, while Patty went inside.

After emptying the car, I came inside to prepare a place to store everything until we could wipe it all down with alcohol. Boots and coats were left by the front door.

We only removed the bare necessities from our cases and either sanitized or threw items into the tub in our spare bathroom. After a thorough hand wash, it was time for showers and clean clothes and a bit of relaxation, before heading for bed.

The next day, we managed to do shopping for groceries and other necessities, before continuing the repatriation process. Every move we made, had to be carefully planned out to ensure we could keep ourselves and anything we bought from being contaminated. All groceries were washed in soapy water before being put away, then the grocery bins were cleaned and dried and then it was my turn to scrub my hands. Oh, and by the way, do not wash your Cheezies or pasta. The plastic bags are not waterproof.

Without going into too much detail, over the next 4 days, we sanitized and/or washed everything we had with us or on us. It was a long process. If all of this seems a bit over the top, I am not going to apologize for taking precautions to minimize the risk of catching this virus.

Coming home from a trip has never been this labour intensive. Our future shopping trips will be carefully scheduled and I will be taking full advantage of the senior shopping hours at various stores. Even this does not guarantee I will score any toilet paper or flour. The hoarders seem to have gotten it all.

I only have one photo here, as it takes too long to wipe down my camera and wash my hands.

Now that this part is over, I promise that my future posts on Vancouver will be only about our visit and not about COVID 19.

Stay well, my friends and thanks for reading.

13 thoughts on “May You Live in Interesting Times! – COVID 19 and Travel – Part 5 – Home at Last

  1. I understand. We followed a similar process when we came back as well, except we were wearing gloves and masks and keeping distant as we were worried about carrying this damn virus. It was a two- street. But, so far so good. No signs of anything as we head into finishing up our first week of isolation.

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  2. Stay safe, guys! We are heading into our second week of isolation and it actually wasn’t that bad. There’s always so much to do and theres certainly never a dull moment when you have young children, so it’s been fun. I look forward to your Vancouver posts, Allan. 😊

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    1. Aside from not being able to get any toilet paper, we are pretty normal here, other than the constant bad news. Lots to do here as well. Will finish my Feb posts and the rest of Ireland, then Vancouver posts will appear. As always Aiva, thanks for reading and commenting. Stay well. Allan


  3. Sounds like a lot of work but necessary. It is frustrating about not being able to buy staples because of those buying up extra stuff not needed. So glad you are both well. Stay safe and blessed. Love to you both Joni

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  4. All very necessary precautions. 21 year olds with no underlying conditions are dying so…yeah. You can bet I’m going to protect my 46 year old butt too.
    If you go online to Staples, you can buy a box of TP and have it delivered to your home 🙂

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    1. A healthy fear and a ton of precautions is better than keeping on as per usual. Too bad JT did not take more steps to ensure returning Snowbirds/spring breakers were quarantined when they came home. We are about to see a huge bubble. Hopefully not as big as to the South. Just tried to walk the trails in Edmonton and had to give up, as other walkers were not following social distancing rules. Went back to Beaumont, where we pretend that everyone has the Cooties. Stay well Lael and thanks for chiming in. Allan

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